Collection of Easy to make, Guilt free, Vegetarian Air Fryer Recipes with Step by Step pics

Veg Cutlet Recipe (Air Fryer Recipe + No Breadcrumbs)

Step-wise Recipe to Make Veg Cutlets at home in an Air Fryer. A popular Indian Starter, Appetizer or Snack Recipe made with mixed vegetables and select Indian spices. Serve these delicious and guilt free snacks with a side of coriander chutney and tomato ketchup.


Corn Pakoda in Air Fryer (Sweet Corn Pakora)

Corn Pakodas in Air Fryer - Absolutely addictive tea time snack recipe you should try this monsoon season! No excess oil, no standing in front of the hot stove. No Mess in the kitchen and no excess calories too. Need any more reasons to try this favourite appetizer?


Sweet Potato Fries in Air Fryer

Sweet Potato fries made in an Air Fryer with ridiculously less amount of oil without sacrificing taste. Ideal for fasting or as a guilt free tea time snack.


Sabudana Vada (Air Fryer Recipe)

Deliciously Crunchy and Addictive Sabudana Vada or Sago Fritters is a popular snack recipe for fasting days. Enjoy the low oil, Air Fryer Version, this fasting season.