Air Fried Spicy Masala Kaju / Spicy Masala Cashew Nuts in Air Fryer

Air Fried Spicy Masala Kaju / Spicy Masala Cashew Nuts in Air Fryer – A Guilt free Snack option for Diwali Party or Ideal for Gifting your loved ones.

Air Fried Spicy Masala Kaju / Spicy Masala Cashew Nuts in Air Fryer

I am pretty sure the Diwali Preparations are on at homes in full swing. This year I am going pretty much easy on the snacks and sweets preparations since husband is travelling quite a bit and I do not want myself to be left with dabbas or containers full of temptations.

While, few traditional items like Ribbon Pakoda and Butter Chakli would be on the menu, I am only opting for a sweet, preferably Rava Ladoo and working on another option that would be slightly healthy and has a longer shelf life. Recipe coming up very soon on the blog.

If you are going easy on snacks and prefer non-fried or low oil snacks, especially for diabetics, you can opt for the Poha Chivda or the Garlic Flavoured Kurmura, which is my personal favourite.

Also, happy to have received a late birthday gift and an early Diwali gift from husband, an Air fryer. Since he knows I spend a lot of time trying to do little snacks and dishes at home with appe pans or even the oven, he decided to gift me an Air fryer to save time and energy both. Of course, there is a hidden agenda involved, he would be getting some of his deep fried snacks done at home with little oil. My first attempt was French Fries and while I recorded the entire process to blog, the fries vanished in no time leaving me with an empty bowl to shoot. So, another time!

However, when husband was not around, I decided to use the airfryer to make the Masala Kaju. The Airfried Masala Kajus, look and taste absolutely like store bought fried ones and are crunchy, crispy inspite of storing them for a couple of days in an air tight container. Yes, I had to check all this before posting as I wasn’t really sure how it would taste and feel after a couple of days. All it took for me was good quality Cashews from Goa, 1 tsp of ghee or clarified butter (which I prefer as they are so aromatic), a mix of spices available at home and I was super amazed at the outcome.

Air Fried Spicy Masala Kaju or Spicy Masala Cashew Nuts in Air Fryer

Airfryer ensures uniform cooking and roasting, less supervision and zero sweat! A cup (250ml) of Kajus took me 7 minutes and I cannot wait to try few more recipes, if time permits, either before or after Diwali. Urge you to watch this space in the month of December, when the pakora and the snacks season will be at its peak, courtesy – winters!

This small bowl of crunchy and aromatic spiced Masala Kajus are just what you need to throw a cocktail party or a card party at home. People adore dry fruits with masalas along with a glass of cocktail or drinks and this would be such a healthier option than the fried ones. Also, once you taste them, you wouldn’t even know the difference. Surprise your guests, just like I did with my husband, who wasn’t ready to believe that the cashews were non-fried and has already given me some ideas on what I should try next!

Excellent to gift family and friends, the Airfried Masala Kajus is a snack that can be consumed not only on Diwali but anytime after the festivities are over too. A variety of spice mixes can be added to make things interesting. A dash of honey can be added, if your kids love cashews too or either mix few other nuts and make this interesting. These are gluten free but not vegan as I have used ghee or clarified butter. You can opt for olive oil and turn this into a vegan snack bowl too.

Air Fried Spicy Masala Kaju or Spicy Masala Cashew Nuts in Air Fryer

Hope you enjoy this guilt free snack, just like we did! Remember to share and spread happiness, Diwali is all about making yourself and others happy. Enjoy a pollution free and healthy Diwali.

Recipe for Air Fried Spicy Masala Kaju / Spicy Masala Cashew Nuts in Air Frier with step by step pics 

Note – 1 cup is 250 ml

Prep Time  5 mins

Cook time – 7 to 8 mins

Serves – 2 nos.


  1. 1 cup of Unsalted Cashews
  2. ¼ tsp of Paprika Powder
  3. ¼ tsp of red chilli powder (not the spicy variety)
  4. 1/4 tsp of Chaat Masala Powder
  5. ½ tsp of black pepper powder
  6. 1 tsp of ghee or clarified butter
  7. Pink salt as required


  1. In a bowl, add the cashews, the dry spices and add 1 tsp of melted ghee.
  2. Slowly rub the cashews with the spices and ensure the ghee coats them well to have even roasting.
  3. Now place them inside the Air fryer and roast them for 5 mins on 180 degrees C, toss with a clean dry spoon and then reduce the temperature to 120 degrees C, roast the cashews for another 2 – 3 minutes.
  4. Remove, cool and store in a cool dry container.

Recipe Notes

  • You can add spices according to your taste and preference and feel free to experiment with a variety of herbs and aromatics.
  • When hot, you will feel the cashews are soft and not roasted well but eventually when they cool, they become crunchy.
  • You can add any salt variety. I love pink salt, which I pound a little in a mortar and pestle, especially when adding to snacks as they are like small crystals and the pounding helps even distribution of the salt.
  • In case you do not have paprika powder, use Kashmiri lal mirch for the colour.

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  1. Jyoti Rao

    Tempting enough! Feel like grabbing a handful of these. <3
    And as always, lovely clicks.

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Thank you Jyoti and I wish I could feed you some of these beauties.

    1. Vidya Narayan

      It is a Diwali treat! Thank you

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Indeed Nisha, thanks

  2. Rita

    Hey Vidya, belated Birthday wishes????

    1. Vidya Narayan

      thanks dear.

  3. Ruchisvegkitchen

    Tempting Masala Kaju Vidya … Healthy and addictive. My hubby loves such spiced Cashews, will try this way .

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Same here Ruchi, my husband loves Masala Kaju and now I can happily make it for me without worrying about the excess oil.Thanks dear.

    1. Vidya Narayan

      I agree! Thanks Deepti.

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Thanks and sorry to have tempted you so much .. ha ha

  4. Oh, wow! These air-fried masala cashews look so tempting! I’d love to grab a handful of these right away. 🙂
    Such a cute story behind the hubby’s buying you an air-fryer. 😀 And the one about the french fries that disappeared too. 😛
    I’ve been considering investing in an air-fryer for some time now. Do you think it is worth it? Any particular brand you recommend?

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Absolutely tempting and I would certainly recommend buying one if you are health conscious but want to enjoy few fried foods every now and then. The fryer uses less oil, gives good results. You need to experiment the timings etc and within couple of days, you will be comfortable. I have bought a Philips Air fryer.

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