Broccoli Corn Balls / No Fry Broccoli Corn Balls

Broccoli Corn Balls / No Fry Broccoli Corn Balls – Enjoy guilt free tea time snacks this monsoon!

Broccoli Corn Balls / No Fry Broccoli Corn Balls

Broccoli Corn Balls / No Fry Broccoli Corn Balls

Last whole week it has been pouring like crazy in Mumbai. Although we all love the monsoon weather, Mumbaikars have been petrified of this season ever since we faced the deluge in July 2005 when torrential rains led to most part of the city under water, people stuck on roads in waist deep water, also forcing the transportation system to a halt. The city that never sleeps or stops came to a standstill for almost 48 hours. Prior to this event, we always managed wading in a pool of water with much enthusiasm and joy, dealt with the traffic and delays in getting to our work, schools etc during monsoons but had never experienced anything quite like that day. July 2005 changed everything for Mumbaikars but what it couldn’t change was the undying spirit which the city proudly possesses. Like most Mumbaikars, I too was stuck in waist deep water that day, with complete strangers on the road, trying to reach home desperately. Complete strangers handed me biscuits, tea, chocolates to ensure I don’t lose energy and fall unconscious. Every day, I thank all those strangers who held my hand ensuring I don’t accidentally fall in a man hole or a pit while wading through the water and the people who helped me reach my destination safely, providing food to my hungry stomach.

Gazing at the heavy showers from my balcony, all I could think was, how kind life has been to me. I don’t have to go to work anymore, have the luxury of doing things I want to after working hard for so many years, since a very young age. I can now finally say I am happy doing things I love and yes, enjoy the rains with some food and tea in the comfort of my home.

When it comes to Monsoon and foods associated with it, visuals immediately transport you to the fried kanda bhajiya which is a Mumbaikars favourite along with piping hot vada pavs sold in almost every other lane in the city. But the heart and body wants to eat something nutritious and healthy too at the same time ensuring immunity levels are in check. So, when the A to Z challenge for this month was planned with the Alphabet ‘B’, I decided I should do something apt for monsoons – Tea time Snacks. Broccoli is what I chose as the key ingredient for the challenge and paired it with another monsoon favourite, Corn or Bhutta! This challenge was initiated by Jolly Makkar and this is our 2nd post for the challenge. We choose key ingredients alphabetically to cook and post a dish every alternate month. If you recall, May month saw the Roasted Almond and Choco Chip Icecream for the same challenge.

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The Broccoli Corn Balls are made with few drops of oil in an appe pan and are delicious, perfect for satisfying those deep fried snacks cravings. Broccoli and corn are lightly steamed, roughly chopped and mixed with boiled potatoes, basic Indian spices, salt and shaped into balls. We both at home essentially don’t require cheese in everything so refrain from adding that unless we have guests or kids visiting at home. In case you want to try, a small cube of mozzarella or cheddar cheese in the centre would taste amazing as well.

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The Broccoli Corn Balls need to be absolutely served with two of my favourite accompaniments – Coriander Chutney and Aam ka Achar. Trust me, they taste amazing with aam ka achar or raw mango pickle more than ketchup. I know it’s a little high on calories but hey, I have earned a piece by not deep frying the snack!! Please cut me some slack here!

Broccoli Corn Rolls 2

This dish is dedicated to all the Mumbaikars who have an undying spirit and open their arms and homes for strangers too. Cheers Mumbai! There is no other city I would rather be.

Interested in some other snack options from the blog that are not deep fried? Do try the following, which are my personal favourites too and apt for the monsoons.

Recipe for Broccoli Corn Balls

Prep Time 20 mins

Cook Time (30 mins passive) + 20 minutes

Makes 15 nos.


  1. 300 gms Broccoli
  2. 2 small sized Boiled potatoes
  3. 1 cup of corn
  4. ½ tsp Kashmiri red chilli powder
  5. ½ tsp of Garam Masala Powder
  6. ¼ tsp of roasted jeera or cumin powder
  7. Finely chopped coriander leaves as required
  8. Salt as per taste


  1. Wash, cut and Steam broccoli for 5 minutes and keep aside. Drain excess water, if any.
  2. Steam the corn kernels and keep aside.
  3. Mash the boiled potatoes.
  4. In a bowl, add all the above ingredients along with salt, spices and coriander leaves.
  5. Mix and Mash everything well and make balls of equal size
  6. Refrigerate them for atleast 30 minutes before cooking them in an appe pan with few drops of oil on a medium flame.
  7. Serve hot with ketchup, chutneys of your choice.

Recipe Notes

  • I have not used any binding ingredient like semolina, flour, bread crumbs etc except potatoes. It is completely gluten free and vegan.
  • You can add a variety of ingredients like grated carrot, boiled green peas etc to the above recipe. Adjust the quantity of potatoes or add bread crumbs or flour if you like, to bind it well.
  • You can add paneer or crumbled tofu too to the recipe to make it more healthy and nutritious for kids.
  • You can brush some oil and air fry too.
  • Making this for a party? – Make the balls and refrigerate it overnight and just cook them before guests are arriving. Stays good in the refrigerator for couple of days.
  • Got leftovers of these? – Mash them and grill them between sandwich bread slices. Serve with chutney.

Vidya Narayan

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Vidya Narayan

Hi Everyone, I am Vidya Narayan & Welcome to my blog MasalaChilli. Born in a Traditional Palakkad Iyer (South Indian) Family with strong value systems to an exceptionally strong and independent Single Mom, spent most of my childhood studying well (as most Iyer girls do).

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Definitely worth a try, considering no frying option..👍

    1. Thanks Deepika, my pleasure and I agree the no frying options are the best for everyday eating.

  2. Love this heath but yummy twist to a deep fried snack. I am gonna steal the combo idea😂😅😉

    1. Thank you dear, please go ahead dear and try the combos – Sharing is caring!

  3. What a treat during the Mumbai rains Vidya!

    1. Absolutely… although the heart beats for the kanda bhajji Sandhya! nothing beats the classics.

      1. I know what you mean, Vidya 🙂

  4. Sounds interesting and healthy! Worth trying this..

  5. This looks really good! I’m sure it tasted delicious too. 🙂
    Great that you decided to make a non-fried, healthier alternative.

    1. Healthy food can be certainly delicious, thats my whole motto behind churning such recipes. Thanks Priya!

  6. Nice combination 👌

  7. Its been nearly 3 weeks and I’ve not had any Indian snack like bhajias, muthias, patras, gotas, dokhras etc and your healthier broccoli and corn balls are making me salivate. Can’t wait to get back home to my appe pan and try out these beauties.

    1. Ha ha.. How I have controlled myself in the last one week, only I know. Husband was constantly asking me to fry kanda bhajiyas, his favourite while I kept resisting and finally made him this. Although he was not fully satisfied, he had no choice ha ha . Enjoy your time and get back safely.

  8. Absolutely healthy, delicious, and addictive snack. It’s time to take-out my appe pan and try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Please do Jyoti, they are super delicious. Thanks a ton my dear

  9. Feel like munching some balls rite now, what an interesting combo for making this munchies. Hard to take my eyes from those cuties.

    1. all yours Priya in return for that lovely black eyed peas curry you made, I couldnt take my eyes off either. Some rice and that would have been perfect!

  10. loved the idea of gluten free snack n hidden broccoli in it….yummy share for the challenge

  11. So tempting and can eat as many guilt free as it’s not fried as well!

    1. Nisha, I tried commenting on your blog couple of times and couldn’t. Is there any issue? Thank you dear for your feedback.

      1. Hey Vidya, I’m not aware of any issue with comments and I did receive some.I did check my spam too for any missed message .Thank you for letting me know anyway , will keep an eye on it .I have been a little inactive on the bog front as well due to kids holidays and guests ..will get more punctual in a month 🙂

      2. Oh ok, Let me check from my end again Nisha and then will let you know. I hate not commenting on your posts so thought of letting you know. enjoy your holidays and a little down time which seriously is required at times. Will wait to see you back in action soon. Cheers dear.

  12. Absolutely healthy, delicious, and yummy snack. It’s time to take out my appe pan and try out these beauties. Thanks for this beautiful share dear!

    1. My pleasure partner and do try this – your kiddo would definitely love it.

  13. Sometimes i think the Appam Pan is the bestest ever kitchen cooking vessel because it allows us to enjoy snacks like these delicious broccoli-corn balls without the associated guilt. These beauties and a cuppa is all we need to enjoy this weather.

    1. Absolutely – I agree! Other than regular paniyarams I make everything else in this pan. Haha!

  14. Awesome and healthy share…would love to try this…loved the fact that it is not fried..I know that rainy day and how bad I was Stuck in water…no mumbaikar will ever forget it

    1. I agree and hence Mumbai is a city I love the most – Spirit is unbeatable. Thank you dear.

  15. You are awesome. I love the little suggestions you have given at the end, especially the one for the party.

    1. Thanks dear Seema, planning is all we do for sustenance.

  16. yummy, last week I made falafal in appe pan and they turned out great. coming weekend I am gonna try this broccoli corn balls. They are tempting me from the day you posted them. So yummy, crunchy and great with evening tea.

    1. Please try them, the appe pan is a blessing! Glad you liked them. Thank you

  17. Broccoli corn balls look absolutely inviting Vidya and the fact that they are not deep fried but made in appe pan make them all the more desirable. Broccoli potato combo is all time favourite in my i will add corn to it and try your recipe. Thanks for the lovely share .

    1. My pleasure and I agree, the broccoli potato combo is quite delish. Hope you enjoy making and eating them Poonam. Thank you!

  18. Broccoli corn balls looks absolutely delicious. And one more appe pan recipe. I love to make different delicacies in my appe pan. My most favourite kitchen utensil. Loved your healthy and yummy broccoli corn balls. Perfect treat for a rainy day. Your description on that day is scary. Please stay safe.

  19. Loved your healthy and delicious broccoli corn balls You are right these are perfect treat for a rainy day. Loved that its not deep fried. Awesome share.

    1. Thanks so much and glad you liked it.

  20. First of all I am extremely sorry for commenting so late…as usual all your recipes are super healthy and nutritious Vidya…i always love all ur post..these have two of my fav ingredients broccoli and corn..a delicious healthy treat which can be enjoyed anytime guilt free..lovely share👌

    1. Hey no apologies needed! We all get a bit busy, I understand. Thank you for all your kind words and Anshu, likewise, I love your recipes as well and glad to have known you over the years now via this blog. Cheers!

  21. I know very few recipes with Broccoli. As it is a healthy vegetable, I always wish to prepare something with it. Your recipe will be in my to do list. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, do try and I am sure you would love it

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