Takatli Palak Chi Bhaji

Takatli Palak Chi Bhaji

Takatli Palak Chi Bhaji – A Popular Maharashtrian Recipe

What is the one thing everyone looks forward to consuming in Winters? Butter or Ghee would be the immediate response and I am not surprised.

Now, what happens to the leftover Buttermilk after the cream is churned and butter is obtained to make ghee? Your usual response would be Kadhi – Right?

The blog post today gives you all the more reason to enjoy your leftover buttermilk along with spinach greens to create a lipsmacking Maharashtrian recipe that is our family favourite now over the years. Presenting – Takatli Palak Chi Bhaji – A Popular Maharashtrian Recipe

Takatli Palak Chi Bhaji
Takatli Palak Chi Bhaji – Spinach cooked with Buttermilk and select spices in Maharashtrian Style

The Takatli Palak Chi Bhaji is a popular Maharashtrian vegetarian side dish often consumed with bhakris or gluten free flatbreads. The Takatli Palak Chi Bhaji is made with Spinach Greens or Palak cooked in the leftover buttermilk after churning the butter, few basic spices and peanut powder to create a silky delicious gravy that just doesn’t need anything else except some piping hot bhakris or flatbreads, sliced onions. This vegetarian side dish is extremely tasty, can be made easily with few basic ingredients and is gluten free. Since this is low in oil, has leafy vegetables, this can be easily consumed by diabetics too.

It is fascinating to note that each region comes up with their version of using leftover ingredients and turning them into something delicious. Clearly, in this case, a glass or two of buttermilk becomes a meal for 3 to 4 nos. of people and is relished immensely. Especially during winters, when the consumption of Chaas or Curd is low, consumption of buttermilk in the form of warm bowl of Takatli Palak Chi Bhaji is a smart way to ensure the probiotic does wonders for the body.

Takatli Palak chi Bhaji

The recipe was shared with me by my maid who found me churning the malai at home one morning and announced “Tai, he taak mala theva, me Takachi bhaji banavnaar” which translates as, “Kindly keep the leftover buttermilk so that I can make the sabzi at home”. I immediately took my chance of noting down the recipe from her, while handing over the buttermilk happily.

The perks of living in a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai is knowing people from different regions and gaining a lot of knowledge in terms of their culture and food influences too. This is a huge plus if you are a foodie (like me) constantly looking for food inspirations.

The recipe calls for leftover buttermilk. However, please don’t fret, if you do not have the buttermilk in stock after the churning. You can try this recipe by using good quality yogurt (2 tblsp with 2 cups (250 ml) of water) to get the desired consistency. Avoid adding thick curd or yogurt directly, it tends to split. I try this method when I don’t have buttermilk in stock but am craving for this vegetable. It turns out delicious.

The Takatli Palak Chi Bhaji soon became my favourite and to this day, I end up making the sabzi from the leftover buttermilk and serve it with bhakris. Since, Mumbai is still pretty much hot, I chose to serve the bhaji or sabzi with Nagliche or Nachniche Bhakri / Ragi flatbreads / Finger Millet Flatbreads, some curd on the side, pickles and sliced red onions.

You can also opt to serve this with Methi Theplas over regular rotis or phulkas or Angakar Roti which is a rice based roti, very similar to Maharashtrian Bhakri but hails from the State of Chattisgarh. A Khamang Kakdi, the Maharashtrian cucumber salad with peanuts would be an ideal side too for lunch.

Being born and brought up in Mumbai, I have every bit of the Maharashtrian soul as much as the South Indian. So, when the Shh Secretly cooking Theme announced that this month, we shall choose Maharashtrian cuisine, I jumped up and down in excitement knowing I could share the Takatli Palak Chi Bhaji as a winter special too.

I was paired with a talented blogger and friend, Sasmita, whom I requested for 2 secret ingredients – Buttermilk and Peanuts to make this dish. Guys, do check out her space First Timer Cook for some fabulous desserts and recipes from Odia cuisine. For this particular challenge, Sasmita made some delicious Misal Pav, which is one of my personal favourites too.

Texture wise, the Takatli Palak Chi Bhaji looks similar to Pithla, which is made entirely with a gram flour base. Either Methi or fenugreek leaves is added when in season but usually the pithla is preferred plain with generous lasun or garlic and green chillies for the spice. Served with a side of freshly cut onions and bhakri, this is one of the most iconic, yet simple dishes of Maharashtra.

The Takatli Palak Chi Bhaji that I have cooked can also be turned into a kadhi instead of a sabzi. Addition of more taak or buttermilk and water, would help attain the required kadhi consistency. You can also add methi leaves instead of palak, if you prefer a bit of bitter taste.

Now, lets look at the recipe, with step by step pictures of the process and make a batch of this sabzi to serve for the entire family.

Recipe for Takatli Palak Chi Bhaji

Prep Time (does not include churning for buttermilk) 10 mins

Cook Time  20 to 25 minutes

Serves 3 nos.


  1. 3 heaped cups Chopped Spinach or Palak
  2. 1 ½ cups Buttermilk
  3. 2 tblsp Besan or Gramflour
  4. ½ tsp mustard seeds
  5. 2-3 nos. finely chopped green chillies
  6. 1 tblsp ginger (grated)
  7. 1 tblsp garlic (grated)
  8. 2-3 nos. whole red chillies
  9. ¼ tsp of haldi or turmeric powder
  10. 2 tblsp of Roasted Peanuts
  11. 1 tblsp of oil (use veg oil or peanut oil)
  12. ¼ cup of water to adjust thickness of the gravy
  13. A pinch of hing or asafoetida
  14. Salt to taste
  1. Heat a kadhai, add oil, mustard seeds and allow it to crackle
  2. Now add hing, jeera, whole red chillies, green chillies, ginger and garlic. Saute well
  3. Add the finely chopped palak leaves, some salt and turmeric powder.
  4. Cook the palak or spinach leaves without any water on low heat until moisture evaporates and it turns dry. This should take 7 to 10 minutes. Keep sautéing it to avoid burning.
  5. In the meanwhile, take gramflour and add some water to make a thin runny paste and keep aside.
  6. Blitz the roasted peanuts in a mixer grinder and keep aside.
  7. Once the spinach is dry, add the buttermilk and the gramflour mixure.
  8. Quickly start mixing everything and continue to stir the mixture until it starts thickening. Do not leave it unattended or it will split and curdle.
  9. Check for salt, add if required.
  10. Allow the gram flour to cook for 5 minutes and keep adjusting the gravy consistency with water. It should be creamy and thick, similar to a makhani gravy.
  11. Now add the roasted and ground peanuts. Mix everything well.
  12. Switch off the flame and serve it with flatbreads of your choice.
How to make Takatli Palak chi bhaji
Washed and chopped Spinach or Palak
How to make Takatli Palak chi bhaji
Roasting the peanuts
How to make Takatli Palak chi bhaji
Chop the green chillies, grate the ginger and garlic
How to make Takatli Palak chi bhaji
Roasted peanuts ready to be ground in the mixer grinder
How to make Takatli Palak chi bhaji
How to make Takatli Palak chi bhaji
Gram flour or Besan

If you love trying out regional recipes and especially cooking from Maharashtrian cuisine, then this recipe is definitely recommended.

If you try this at home, please give me a shout out / Tag Me on any of my social media handles.

 Vidya Narayan

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Vidya Narayan

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  1. What a lovely recipe. Many thanks for sharing. Best wishes Sebby

    1. Thank you so much Sebby.

  2. Wow beautiful recipe. Looks so comforting . We make with fenugreek leaves , but never tried adding peanuts.. Does that gives prominent taste of it ?? And adding peanut wont it be so thick ??

    1. Ground peanuts is a signature trademark in most Maharashtrian recipes and it is called ‘Kut”. If you notice, I have added the peanut powder right at the end when the gravy is already thick. Some even add soaked peanuts to it. I make the same sabzi with methi leaves too and it is delicious as well, esp with peanuts. Helps reduce the bitterness too of the methi, for few who may not like it. Thank you Ruchi for going through the recipe.

      1. Thank you for sharing dear. Will surely try with peanuts next time..

      2. My pleasure Ruchi.

  3. This curry looks so delicious Vidya. Tasted this at a friends place recently and loved it. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I am sure to try it soon..

    1. I hope you enjoy this curry. We love it at home Neetha. Thanks a ton.

  4. This looks somewhat similar to our Tam-Brahm keerai mor kootu, if I am not mistaken. Incredibly delicious and healthy preparation!

    1. Looks wise – Yes. Taste Wise – completely different. Thanks Priya, glad you liked it.

  5. Never used spinach in this way…looks great Vidhya and you made others hard to guess the secret ingredients…awesome

    1. Thanks Lathi, glad you liked the dish. Spinach is one of my fav greens.

  6. An interesting traditional recipe Vidya. What a wonderful way to enjoy the buttermilk. I usually don’t know what to do with it except use it kadhi or fro making roti dough. I can imagine enjoying a bowl of this bhaji with some bhakri.

    1. Oh with bhakris, this would be amazing! Follow this up with an hour long siesta! Majja ni life!

      1. Love that! the siesta part after a hearty meal 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, mine too.

  7. Sounds like a very comforting curry for the cooler months… especially since it has palak, it excites me even more… I loved the story of how you came by the recipe as well! Lovely post all in all…

    1. It is indeed comforting Rafee. Thank you so much.

  8. we love spinach and use it very often … vidya – this is one curry I bet the family will love. bookmarking to try soon … thanks for sharing this very new recipe for me

    1. Thank you so much and my pleasure.

  9. Yummy recipe vidya.. Sounds too good.. We too prepare roasted peanut pwdr n it’s must in all bhajis.. Few dals we boil peanuts along with dal as ours is mixed tradition of Karnataka n Maharashtra.. Urs look soo tempting n will try

    1. I do add boiled peanuts sometimes as a variation and love it. Happy you liked the recipe and thank you Prathima.

  10. Thanks for sharing this incredible palak bhaji, adding peanuts to this dish is simply incredible. QUite a new dish for me. Bookmarking this dish to try definitely as we love palak in any form.

    1. Glad you liked it Priya. Simple ingredients often lead to amazing food.

  11. A very different and delicious palak preparation.. I am always looking for variations. Will try this one too .

    1. Do try, I am sure you would love this with Koki!

  12. Fabulous recipe Vidya. Never thought of making palak this way. Thanks for sharing and a special thanks to your maid. Something like kadhi but crushed peanut made it different. Loved this healthy and delicious dish.

    1. Thank you so much Sujataji.

  13. I generally avoid kut as it gives hubby acidity but yes this is delicious bhaji and thanks for sharing it you have been reminding me that I have never tried making it. Somehow I cannot get everyone to eat it so never tried making it,

    1. Agree about the acidity due to kut, you can add steamed peanuts instead. They would be a nice option too just like how we make for Alu chi patal bhaji. Thanks dear.

  14. Yum yum…love the way the palak is being used and a dish from the left over churnings from making butter. Delicious and healthy.

    1. Thank you so much Renu.

  15. Sound such a delicious and healthy recipe! I love to add palak to my kadhi and this recipe is like adding kadhi to palak subzi! 😀 I am definitely trying it as soon as I get some fresh spinach! Noting it down for next week’s meal plan… also I have to try adding ground peanuts to my curries! I usually use them only in stir-fry recipes. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks a ton Ashima and I really hope you like it. I am crazy about peanuts and add them to everything. Husband on the other hand doesn’t like it much except when its neatly hidden in curries.

  16. I have learnt so many traditional dishes from my maid too. This is an absolutely fabulous and traditional recipe from Maharashtra. The best part is that it is so versatile; replace palak with methi or even maath and you have a new dish.

    1. Absolutely agree about the variations part!

  17. I love adding palak to my kadhi, this makes a comfort meal for me.

    1. Adding Palak to Kadhi is a good option. However, this is more of a thick gravy sabzi to be eaten with bhakris. Thank you so much.

  18. Got to know one new spinach dish today. This looks so delicious. Step wise description with picture makes it so clear to follow.

    1. Thanks Anu, glad to know another spinach lover like me.

  19. Vidya…I love this recipe. Have palak at home and thought I will make this for lunch. But just when I was reading the comments, I read about methi being used too. You gave me idea for the next methi challenge. Thanks a ton

    1. HaHa.. Glad the comments came to your rescue right in time! Looking forward to your version now. thanks so much.

  20. This recipe is quite new to me.. Interesting and sounds super delicious. As usual, loved your detailed explanation.

    1. Thank you Priya so much. Such simple ingredients often lead to fab food.

  21. Absolutely love takatli palak ..shengdana kut makes it all the more desirable. Perfect to go with bhakri. Fantastic share Vidya !

    1. Kut is the killer ingredient Poonam, glad we share the same thoughts and now I finally have the approval of a Marathi mulgi over the dish! Haha.

  22. I’m constantly amazed at your recipes Vidya. Simple in process, using basic ingredients available at home and turning out delicious nutritious food.This buttermilk based Palak Bhaji sounds perfect with hot rice (or Dalia,which is my new go to) and maybe a simple onion chilli salad.

    1. The combination of Dalia with this sabzi sounds delicious. My husband is a dalia fan and would love it. Glad you love the recipes. I feel cooking should be simple and include more everyday ingredients than the fancy counterparts. Its what we grew up eating – simple meals!

  23. With those peanuts to thicken and flavour the baaji looks so inviting. Loving the simplicity of this recipe and at the same time so healthy.

    1. Thanks Seema. Simple recipes are the best, according to me. Tastes delicious too.

  24. Daily recipes makes real difference in our life.

    1. I agree, thank you

  25. Learned something new today, such a simple and delicious recipe

    1. Thank you Priya

  26. I just love this simple dish … such a healthy option to include in our diet. The thickener here as the peanut must be adding a lovely flavor to the whole dish.

    1. Thank you Sasmita.

  27. My mom used to make something of similar kind with onions, palak and Methi in thick yogurt gravy but didn’t add peanuts to it..she called it palak Besan ki subzi and we relished it hot Chapatis. I never made that, usually make palak kadhi or some Rajasthani curd based Curries .. reading your post took me back to time..I like the addition of peanuts to it. will love to hog on to it with steamed rice or Chapatis!!

    1. The peanuts or the kut as its called in Marathi is the key here. We South Indians make a similar sabzi with palak and coconut and thicken with buttermilk. This taste somehow is very different and with bhakris, they are just amazing. Let me try your besan ki sabzi once, it does sound interesting with Methi. I adore Rajasthani Sabzis with curd or buttermilk and besan and some basic sabzi .. they make good use of minimal ingredients and yet churn out delicious recipes.

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