Karamani Keerai Poriyal

Karamani Keerai Poriyal – South Indian Stir Fry veg that is vegan, gluten free, has no onion, no garlic. Combines Leafy Greens and Pulses, is low in oil and diabetic friendly too.

Karamani Keerai Poriyal

Karamani Keerai Poriyal

When the vegetable markets are full of fresh leafy greens varieties, you are so tempted to cook them. Especially, when Diwali is over and you are planning to reduce the carb intake and detox your system with light and low oil meal options.

So, I decided to make the most of the leafy greens available in the market, add some pulses and convert my lunch into a wholesome, tasty affair. Presenting, the Karamani Keerai Poriyal.

The Karamani Keerai Poriyal is a South Indian Stir Fry Veg that uses 2 types of leafy greens or Keerai Varieties viz. Red Amaranth or Sigappu Thandu Keerai in Tamil and Arai Keerai or Green Chavli Leafy Veg.

To the leafy greens, soaked and cooked Karamani or Cow peas / black eyed peas is added and then topped with some grated coconut. The Poriyal or Stir fry is vegan, gluten free, has no onion, no garlic. This recipe is also low oil, excellent for weight watchers, diabetics and senior citizens too.

Karamani Keerai poriyal
Karamani Keerai Poriyal, South Indian Stir Fry

Last week, I had shared the recipe of Mattha, the Maharashtrian Spiced Buttermilk which has been literally saving us from heat and humidity over the last few weeks now. Not to mention my skin, which was the worst affected (breakouts) with the oil and sweets consumption, has got back to normal.

The Karamani Keerai Poriyal is yet another healthy variety of sabzi from the blog that fits in the bracket of simple, everyday meal ideas that also doesn’t require a lot of prep work. It also uses the seasonal fresh variety of vegetables and provides the perfect combination of taste and health, which is always a priority in my kitchen.

Some healthy meal ideas with leafy greens, available on the blog and which can be tried at home as follows –

  1. For a Diabetic Friendly Meal, try the Chana Methi Sabzi which like the Karamani Keerai Poriyal, is a combination of pulses and leafy greens.
  2. A South Indian Main course variety called Mor Keerai which combines Yoghurt, Spinach and Coconut gravy. It is Gluten free and Vegan. You can combine it with Steamed rice and a poriyal like Karamani Keerai Poriyal or Potato Roast, if you are planning it over the weekend.
  3. You could also take a look at Spinach and corn veg sabzi that is low in oil and like Karamani Keerai Poriyal, can be your everyday lunch idea too during winters.
  4. Another favourite sabzi is the Carrot, peas and Methi Veg which mixes all the lovely winter ingredients and leafy greens to make a simple, low oil stir fry or sabzi for lunch.

The Karamani Keerai Poriyal at home is usually paired with Mor Kozhumbu. We also like the Doodhi dal (Bottle Gourd) with a south Indian touch, paired with the poriyal which could be a good low oil meal plan for diabetics. You can either opt for Steamed rice or oil free rotis / phulkas and serve with some salad on the side, to form a complete meal.

Karamani Keerai Poriyal
Karamani Keerai Poriyal Gluten free, vegan sabzi

Vegetables combined with pulses are nutritious, delicious and wholesome. Keeps your stomach full and avoids dip in blood sugar levels. In this particular sabzi, the Karamani Keerai Poriyal, I love the fact that the Red Amaranth has so beautifully coloured up the Karamani or cow peas which is actually white in colour.

When you have such colourful and wholesome food on your table, health is bound to be good, isn’t it?

To be honest, I have enjoyed this vegetable by itself with a cup of dahi or curd on the side and have not missed either the rice or the roti. Such recipes are a blessing when it comes to the constant war between health and taste.

Plan this sabzi or poriyal for your family and let me know how they liked it.

Taking this recipe of Karamani Keerai Poriyal to #171FoodieMondayBlogHop where the theme this week is #SaagSaga.

Recipe for Karamani Keerai Poriyal

Prep Time – 15 mins (does not include the soaking, cooking of Cow peas)

Cook Time – 15 mins (pressure cooker) for Karamani or cow peas + 15 mins for the stir fry.

Serves 2

1 cup is 250 ml measurement


  1. 4 packed cups of finely chopped Mixed greens (amaranth and Chavli)
  2. 1 cup of cooked Karamani or Cow peas
  3. 2 tsps of coconut oil
  4. 2 tblsp of freshly grated coconut
  5. 2-3 whole red chillies broken
  6. 1 tsp Urad dal
  7. ½ tsp Mustard seeds
  8. Salt to taste


  1. Heat a kadhai, non stick pan or wok, add the coconut oil.
  2. Add mustards seeds and once it crackles, add red chillies, urad dal and saute until dal is slightly brown.
  3. Add the leafy greens and saute on low heat and add salt to taste.
  4. Keep sautéing the vegetables until the moisture has evaporated.
  5. Add the cooked cow peas or karamani and mix well.
  6. Cook this for few minutes and switch off the flame.
  7. Top the sabzi with grated coconut and serve hot with rice or phulkas, dal of your choice.

Recipe Notes

  • I don’t use any water to cook the leafy veggies. They cook in their own juices. Ensure the heat is low.
  • You can add more coconut but since the recipe is for diabetics, I have restricted the same.
  • You can make this sabzi with Palak or spinach too and it would taste good.

If you love planning wholesome, healthy, low oil, diabetic friendly, senior citizen friendly lunch plans, great as every day lunch box menu, then trust me, you should be cooking the Karamani Keerai Poriyal soon. If you do, please give me a shout out on any of my social media handles.

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  1. FoodTrails

    Very healthy and yummy too!! We make chulai or chavli saag in a different way. Sadly I don’t get that here so we miss having that in winters. Loved your version with added coconut

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Hey Swaty, thanks and glad you liked it. We South Indians have a stir fry and a gravy based dish with chulia, we usually add dals too along with grated coconut as a stir fry, so there is a lot of variety and less boredom. coconut is the key in everything we do!

      1. FoodTrails

        I love our Cusine so much of variety for one dish.. there so much to learn from all of you here !!

      2. Vidya Narayan

        Vice Versa Swaty. Here’s to great learnings!

  2. I love the look of this curry, Vidya! Interesting that you have combined two different types of greens here. The karamani would have added a beautiful texture to the curry as well, I’m sure. 🙂

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Thanks and glad you liked it! I experiment a lot with winter greens and prefer adding protein element to vegetables at home, saves me the time sometimes from cooking 2 separate sabzis.

  3. poonampagar

    Never cooked greens with cow peas. Loved the fact that you have paired it with mix of greens. The recipe sounds interesting to me and would definitely give it a try. Thanks for the share Vidya.

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Thank you Poonam. I love adding pulses to vegetables at home.

  4. Wow looks so delicious n is so very healthy too. The 2 leafy veggies if I don’t get I can substitute also. Love it Vidya it will soon feature in our meal since kiddo is after protein rich food these days.

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Thanks a ton Archana and we go for protein options more too as its filling plus we are vegetarians so we need to consume dals and pulses a bit more. Other than the leafy greens mentioned in the recipe, you could go for spinach on its own or Methi. The only issue with methi would be, its slightly bitter when cooked, which kids dont like so you can turn into a masala sabzi with onion tomato base. Hope this helps.

    1. Vidya Narayan

      thank you so much

  5. mayurisjikoni

    A healthy and nutritious preparation.. sometimes that’s all you need to fill the tummy. I can have this poriyal on its own. Did you know that chawli leaves are also a part of the Kenyan diet? Its mostly available during the rainy season.

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Thanks and I agree with you. Here in India, consuming leafy greens is not encouraged during rainy season while in Kenya, its available fresh and consumed. So much to learn! Thanks for sharing the info.

  6. sizzlingtastebuds

    Karamani Sundal with a yummy twist of greens . Love these kind of dry stir fries with rasam rice n papad . We should catch up once u r back to home base mumbai 🙂

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Rasam or Mor Kuzhambu is my ideal choice too Kal and yes, we should definitely catch up soon. Thanks dear.

  7. Saag sounds healthy and yummy. Perfect for this season. In Bengal we also make saag this way with a tempering of mustard and chilli. I would love to have this winter green with hot steamed rice. Superb share.

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Thank you so much. I will in turn check out the Bengali version of the saag too.

  8. Preethi Prasad

    Karamani with keerai makes a fab combo.I just need some hot phulkas or rice and rasam to polish it off. Awesome share Vidya.

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Rasam Rice would be actually the best combo Preethi. Thanks dear.

  9. PepperOnPizza

    Fresh, tasty, nutritious, what more can one ask for in a curry. I like how you have combined different flavours and textures with the 2 different greens and the cooked Karamani Beans. I have these beans sitting forlonly in my grocery cupboard, left over from the big Sundal plans I had for Navaratri and which finally didn’t get done. Now I have an interesting way to cook them!

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Sujataji, we end up having sabzis like this for our dinner minus any carbs as they are light and filling too. Glad you liked it. Thanks so much.

  10. I love how the karamani and keerai comes to gether to form a wholesome dish with some rice and may be a glass of buttermilk. True you dont need much. Chavli is greens thats grows so fast in your back yard, you reminded me of planting some now.

    1. Vidya Narayan

      I wish I had a backyard space Seema. I love gardening but lack of space in an urban city makes it difficult. All the best for planting the greens and thank you for all the lovely words.

  11. Sasmita Sahoo Samanta

    Karamani Keerai Poriyal looks super tempting. I love these type of combo of leafy greens with lentils …… Love the click as well here. Addition of coconut is also an awesome idea 🙂

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Thanks Sasmita. I cannot imagine South Indian Poriyals minus coconut. Love it.

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