How to Make Roasted Jeera Powder at home

How to Make Roasted Jeera Powder at home

How to Make Roasted Jeera Powder at home

Cumin, Jeera or Zeera, as it is sometimes referred to, is an absolute must ingredient in every Indian pantry.

Cumin or Jeera is added as part of tempering to dals, in various sabzis either as whole (tempering) or as ground spice. Especially the Roasted Jeera Powder, when added to Indian Curries and Gravies add both depth and flavour.

When it comes to Indian Chaat or Snacks, a generous sprinkling of Roasted Jeera Powder and Chaat Masala powder give it an edge and oomph factor, making the dish irresistible. The famous chaats like Dahi Bhalla and Mumbai Famous Ragda Pattice require a generous sprinkling of Roasted Jeera Powder.

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Bhuna Jeera Powder or Ground Roasted Cumin

The Roasted Jeera Powder or Bhuna Jeera Powder is also added to cool summer drinks like Shikanji or Indian Lemonade as also Buttermilk or Masala Chaas or Mattha as its called in Maharashtra for their digestive and detox abilities.

I have paired roasted cumin powder with sweet berries like Mulberry and also made a Mulberry Spiced Cooler Mocktail, recipe available on blog which has the perfect tang and sweetness.

About Cumin

Cumin is native to the Middle East and belongs to the Parsely family. Also called as Zira In Persia, cumin features strongly as part of Indian, Mediterranean and Ancient Roman Cuisine too. 

Cumin grows in very hot climate and hence the Mediterranean climate which usually has longer summers is apt for its growth. 

The main producers of Cumin are China and India. In India, cumin is sown from October until the beginning of December and harvested in the month of February. 

Cumin is part of many Ayurvedic Medicines or Kashayas as they are called. Kerala swears by Jeera Water that is served after a heavy sadya meal (meal on banana leaf) to aid digestion and reduce bloating. 

Today, Cumin is not only used as part of Curry powder, garam masala powder, but also used to flavour cheese varieties. 

Making the Roasted Jeera Powder at home is not at all difficult. It needs only one key ingredient i.e. Cumin or Jeera and some dry roasting over a hot pan, followed by a good blitz in a mixer grinder. The aromatic spice can be stored in a clean and dry glass container and used as and when required.

Roasted Jeera Powder 4.jpg
Bhuna Jeera Powder or Ground Roasted Cumin

Let us check out an easy step by step recipe on how to make Roasted Jeera Powder at home, below

Recipe for Making Roasted Jeera Powder at home


  1. 1 cup Cumin seeds or Jeera


  1. Heat a pan and add the cumin seeds for roasting over low heat.
  2. Keep sauteing them to avoid burning at the bottom.
  3. The cumin should be slightly brown in colour and start smoking a bit, with a good aroma.
  4. Time to switch off the flame, empty the contents of the pan into a mixer grinder jar and allow it to cool until room temperature.
  5. Grind it to a powder consistency and store it in room temperature or refrigerator in a tight glass jar with lid. Stays good for months together.

Recipe Notes 

  • I always grind a small batch of cumin seeds as the aroma is very important, which, as days go by, tends to reduce a bit.

Vidya Narayan

Wikipedia  Source About Cumin

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