Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns

Eggless, Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion buns are Eggless, light, soft and perfect with a cup of afternoon tea or with a mug of warm soup during winters. Preservative Free, Healthy Baking at home.

Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns

Ever since I got back from vacations, I have been itching to bake. Finally took a plunge on the weekend and though initially I planned on cookies, I ended up making couple of breads. Was extremely happy and satisfied with the outcome. 

The recipe I am sharing today, Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns are eggless, whole wheat buns flavoured with the combination of cumin or jeera and finely chopped Red onions.

The Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns are eggless, light, soft and perfect with a cup of tea or a meet with friends. Carry a box of these Whole Wheat buns to your friends home for a potluck party, at a book club meet or serve these buns with a hot soup for the family. Either ways, this recipe is for keeps. 

If you are skeptical about whole Wheat Baking or worried and are struggling about the texture, softness or the lightness of the bread then you need to read the recipe notes below, step by step pics and also go through some of the recipes that I have tried on the blog earlier like the Olive and Jalapeno whole wheat buns, Whole wheat pull apart bread with indian style pesto and whole wheat focaccia with peppers, tomatoes and rosemary.  that provide indepth details on how to bake a soft loaf of bread.

Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns

For baking these whole wheat cumin and onion buns, I have not added any APF or Refined Flour. They are made with Organic Wheat Flour or Aata and I have used cane sugar instead of regular refined sugar. No added gluten or additives are also used during the process. It takes patience, some extra proofing time and practice to get a good soft loaf of whole wheat bread or buns. So, if you are trying bread baking and especially healthy bakes for the first time, do not be dejected with your failures and learn to accept them as stepping stones towards success.

Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns

Taking this recipe to the #174FoodieMondayBlogHop Event where the Theme this week is “Potluck Recipes suggested by Preethi Prasad who blogs at Preethi’s Cuisine 

Let us look at the detailed recipe, with notes and step by step pictures of the Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns. 

Recipe for Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns

Prep Time – 10 mins + 1 hour and 40 mins of Proofing 

Cook Time – 20 mins 

Serves 2 nos. 

1 cup is 250 ml measurement, Makes 4 big buns as shown


  1. 1 cup Whole Wheat Flour 
  2. 3/4 cup Lukewarm Water
  3. 1 tsp Instant Yeast
  4. 1 tsp salt 
  5. 1 tsp raw cane sugar
  6. 1 tsp Rice Bran Oil + few drops for greasing the tray and bowl 
  7. 1/2 tsp soft butter 
  8. 3 tsps of Cumin seeds or Jeera
  9. 1 small onion finely chopped 

Method (Read the Recipe Notes First)

  1. In a clean, dry bowl, add whole wheat flour, yeast, salt and sugar (as shown in the pic below). Mix all the dry ingredients well with a spatula. 
  2. Grease a big wide bowl with few drops of oil and keep aside.
  3. Now, add lukewarm water slowly into the bowl with the dry ingredients and knead the dough for atleast 8 to 10 minutes until it feels soft to touch. 
  4. Now carefully place this kneaded dough inside the greased bowl and cover it with a lid or damp cloth or a steel plate and allow it to proof for atleast 1 hour or more. 
  5. Finely chop the onions and squeeze out excess liquid from it. Add jeera or cumin and keep aside.
  6. Once the dough is proved, knock the air by punching few times softly and slowly knead it for few seconds on the kitchen counter. (dust the kitchen counter with some flour)
  7. Add the finely chopped onions and cumin and slowly incorporate into the dough by kneading lightly.
  8. Divide into 4 equal portions, roll and shape them into buns, place them on greased baking trays at a distance. 
  9. Allow these buns to proof for another 40 minutes or until they double in size. 
  10. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes. Bring the temperature down to 180 degrees and place these prooved buns to bake for 20 minutes. 
  11. Brush butter on top post baking to get the golden glaze on top. 
  12. Serve warm with tea / coffee or a mug of soup. You can also pack them for a potluck party with your friends.
Steps to Bake Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns
Dry Ingredients for the Buns (flour, sugar, salt, yeast)
Steps to Bake Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns
Knead the dough using lukewarm water
Steps to Bake Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns
Stretch the dough to activate gluten and make softer whole wheat breads
Steps to Bake Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns
Soft Dough after kneading for 10 mins to be kept for proofing for 1 hour in a greased bowl
Steps to Bake Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns
Risen Dough ready to be punched and shaped 
Steps to Bake Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns
Punch the dough and knead softly 
Steps to Bake Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns
Add red onions and Cumin seeds (dust the surface with flour to work smoothly)
Steps to Bake Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns
Cut and shape them into buns 
Steps to Bake Whole Wheat Cumin and Onion Buns
Buns kept at a distance for proofing (40 minutes or until it doubles in size)

Recipe Notes

  • Ensure all your ingredients are at room temperature except Lukewarm Water.
  • It is essential to sift your wheat flour twice before you commence baking bread. 
  • It is highly recommended to knead the dough for atleast 10 minutes, especially in case of whole wheat breads to activate the gluten, which in turn leads to softer breads. 
  • Though the recipe states 3/4 cup of water, it depends on the quality of wheat flour you use too. Sometimes, you may not need much or at times you might have to add a bit more. So carefully add water for kneading and keep a close watch while the dough takes shape. 
  • If you accidentally add extra water or your dough feels sticky, do not add flour, instead, add some oil and keep kneading until the dough turns soft to touch. 
  • I have used Organic Whole Wheat Aata for baking this bread. 
  • I have used Rice Bran Oil. You can opt for butter or Olive oil too, if you prefer. Choose an oil that doesn’t has a strong smell. 
  • Always Use lukewarm water for kneading the dough. Hot water kills the yeast and cold water doesn’t help in blooming of the yeast. 
  • Proofing depends on weather conditions. Always follow one rule – the dough should rise double the size.
  • Always use a wide bowl, good enough to hold the risen dough. Grease it well and cover it with a steel plate. 

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  1. Nicely explained step by step recipe dear… love the flavours too

    1. Thank you Amrita.

    1. Thank you Priya!

  2. I am trying this out asap. I loved teh details you have given about kneading etc. It certainly helps beginners and revises for war veterans who do not pay much attention. 😀 Lovely share

    1. Thanks Archana. You are a pro at baking yourself. A lot of whole wheat breads are dense only due to unsatisfactory kneading and hence I keep emphasizing this in all my posts. Glad you found it useful.

  3. Wow buns sounds so flavourful and delicious .. Looks amazing .. Loved the detailed recipe and tips Vidya..

    1. Thank you Ruchi.

  4. Looks too good Vidhya. Beautiful pics a s usual!

    1. Thank you so much Madhu.

  5. Also known as khara buns back in Bangalore, these were weekly or fortnightly treats we used to indulge in. Of course , making them at home is a great way to control what goes in. My kids love to eat this and so do I when I bake it. Your gorgeous buns, along with step by step pics and detailed instructions are great for a novice and a pro equally, Vidya !

    1. Thank you Kal and am happy you loved it. I love baking breads more than cakes actually and glad I got my mojo back.

  6. Would love to pair this whole wheat buns flavored with cumin and red onion with a piping hot bowl of tomato soup. The buns look soft and perfectly baked Vidya ! Bookmarks good this recipe and thanks for the guilt free bake.

    1. Thank you Poonam, I love whole wheat bread bakes as they are challenging. Glad you liked the texture and the crumb! Thank you so much.

  7. Loved these small buns Vidya. I wish I could taste one. Looks so inviting. Also perfect as a tea time snack. Superb share.

    1. Thank you so much Sujataji. We had this with both soup and tea and it tasted yum!

  8. Best ever whole wheat bread recipe and trust me I have tried loads.. these came out extremely soft and light. Went great with soup. Thanks for the tips and recipe notes. This recipe is a keeper.

    1. It was very nice of you to try and provide your valuable feedback. Means a lot to me that you loved the recipe and notes. Thanks a ton for the early morning motivation! Cheers.

  9. Very detailed post and nicley explained!! Loved the texture of buns.These jeera buns are a flavourful and comforting combo with a bowl of tomato soup or adrakwali chai!!

    1. Swaty, I loved both the options you have described, chai and soup! Both totally a hit this winter season. Thank you so much.

  10. These perfectly baked buns look so inviting. Loved the detailed explanation and clicks Vidya. Fab share for the theme .

    1. Thank you Preethi

  11. I have an onion lover at home… I should try it for them. I am sure they will love it. I loved the step by step pics its so useful when you are a new baker…thankyou

    1. Thanks Seema, hope the onion lovers enjoy this bake!

  12. Its amazing how many healthy bakes and nutritious dishes you turn out, Vidya. Ive barely moved away from APF, though I do add a small percentage of wheat flour to my bakes. Must pick up the courage to increase the quantity of wheat and other flours. The cumin and onion buns sound very tasty!

    1. Please experiment with wheat, I assure you, you wont be disappointed. It is a myth that its dense and difficult to deal with. I now have to experiment with millets more and move away from wheat too. Thanks so much.

  13. Loved these perfectly baked healthy buns Vidya. Love the way you have explained with the pictorial. Perfect with a bowl of hot soup

    1. Thanks a ton Veena. I feel the bread recipes need pictorals as the first timers would benefit from it.

  14. WOW !!! Wheat four buns are such healthy goodies always .. And these are looking super inviting at the same time 🙂

    1. thank you

  15. Beautifuly explained !! Will try can I use Italian seasoning s with it

    1. Hi Sonal, thank you for the kind words. Ofcourse, you can use Italian Seasoning. Rosemary, Basil, chopped garlic or dry garlic powder with some Red chilli flakes would work perfectly well with the buns.

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