Ragda Pattice – A Famous Mumbai Chaat

Ragda Pattice – A Famous Mumbai Chaat / Street Food Snack

Ragda Pattice – A Famous Mumbai Chaat

Ragda Pattice – A Famous Mumbai Chaat

I am super excited to make and share a Chaat Recipe on the blog for all my readers. Also, it has been a long time since I made the North Indian Famous Chaat, Dahi Bhalla (The NonFried Version) and thought it was best to finally cook and share the Mumbai Famous Chaat – Ragda Pattice. This chaat or snack is a popular street food in Mumbai. Any tourist who has visited Mumbai has to absolutely savour Chaats like Pani Puri, Sev Puri and Ragda Pattice without fail, else the visit is incomplete.

What is Ragda Pattice?

Ragda Pattice is very similar to the North Indian Aloo tikki Chaat, yet different in so many ways. While the North Indian Version uses Chhole or Chickpeas, Mumbaikars adore their Ragda with White Peas or Safed Matar, which is also called Ghugni in Kolkata.

How to make Ragda Pattice Chaat at home
Ragda Pattice

If you visit street style shops and stalls, you will find Ragda Pattice made in a particular way. The chaat is a warm chaat option which means the Ragda is pre-cooked and made to simmer on a small stove, ready to be served atop a Pattice which is also kept on a Tava or Griddle that is warm. When you order a plate of this chaat, the vendor usually places the warm pattice on the plate, adds a ladle of the simmering Ragda on top with chutneys viz the Coriander and the Meetha or sweet chutney with chopped onions, raw mango when in season and coriander leaves. Then Roasted Jeera Powder and Chaat masala powder is sprinkled on top and the grand finale is the generous dose of sev sprinkled on top. The whole process of assembly happens right in front of you, enough to seduce your taste buds and order a plate!

How to make Ragda Pattice at home
Ragda Pattice

There is no place in Mumbai where you don’t find chaat. From Swanky shops to road side thelas or small stalls that are set up anywhere from 4 pm onwards until midnight providing the much needed energy at a nominal price to hungry and busy Mumbaikars.

Either you visit Chowpatty or Juhu Beach, you will find a plethora of chaat shops lined up making you spoilt for choice. While Chaats have also undergone some fusion recently, I absolutely adore the classics as they are unbeatable.

My love affair with Chaat still continues and this food is the only reason my weight keeps dwindling as I have very little self control when I see a pani puri stall nearby.

Making chaats at home is not that difficult, the only difficulty is to stop eating. Yes, the tangy tamarind, sweet dates or khajur ki chutney and the quintessential green coriander chutney is the ultimate way to keep your taste buds from expecting more.

Besan Sev, peanuts, fried chana dal play their part really well by providing the ultimate crunch or adding a salty bite to the chaat platter.

Chaats are an absolute must when you have parties organized at home. Diwali is one such occasion when guests are usually tired of eating sweets and are really looking forward to some spicy and tangy delicious chaat. So ensure to keep a chaat option on the menu and just see the guests appreciating your effort and spread. You can also plan the Ragda Pattice, post Diwali for a brunch at home as it is a great way to use up the Besan Sev made for Diwali.

The Ragda Pattice can be made and served in small bowls to guests who can easily mingle and play cards or just relax with few cocktails. I personally love Ragda Pattice since it is one of the most filling chaats and can be made in a healthy way. Of course, potatoes is not termed extremely healthy but instead of deep frying the tikkis, you can pan fry them with few tblsp of oil and still obtain an unbelievable taste.

The chutneys can be made a day or so in advance, the pattice made and shaped in the freezer and everything can be just put together in an hour right before your guests arrive. Also, you don’t have to worry about the leftovers once the party is over. The pattice can be turned into a burger whereas the Ragda can be used as a filling in puri to make Ragda Pani Puri or if you want a healthy breakfast option the next day, try the Safed Matar ka Paratha Recipe on the blog which uses the mashed peas, whole wheat flour to churn out delicious and healthy parathas.

How to Make Ragda Pattice at home
Ragda Pattice

My late mother was not really a big fan of chaats but Ragda Pattice was something she could never say no to. This is dedicated to her and all the lessons in cooking she has taught me. I always silently wish she was here now to taste everything I cook at home and for the blog.

This post is also dedicated to all the Chaat lovers like me and all Mumbaikars who adore their 15 min quick street side food Nirvana as much as I do.

Do try this recipe, enjoy the visuals and do let me know whether I rocked your Diwali Party Menu.

The theme for the #168FoodieMondayBlogHop is #DiwaliChaatParty and my contribution for the blog hop is the Ragda Pattice – A Famous Mumbai Chaat

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Recipe for Ragda Pattice

Ingredients for Ragda or the White Peas Curry

  1. 3 cups of Cooked and slightly mashed White Peas
  2. 1 Medium size onion finely chopped
  3. 1 medium size tomato (to be made into a puree)
  4. 1 to 1.5 cups of water to adjust the consistency of the ragda while cooking
  5. ½ tsp Turmeric powder
  6. ½ tsp of Jeera or Cumin seeds
  7. ¼ tsp Red chilli powder
  8. 1 tblsp of oil
  9. Salt as required

Ingredients for the Pattice or Patties

  1. 3 large Potatoes or 5 medium sized potatoes
  2. ¼ tsp of Turmeric Powder
  3. Salt as required
  4. 2 to 3 tblsp of oil to cook the patties
  5. Water as required to pressure cook the potatoes

Other Key Ingredients for the Chaat

  1. ½ cup of Besan Sev
  2. Sweet Dates and Tamarind Chutney or Meetha Chutney
  3. Coriander or Green Chutney
  4. Chaat Masala Powder
  5. Roasted Jeera Powder
  6. Finely chopped Onions as required
  7. Finely chopped Coriander leaves as required

How to Make Ragda ?

  1. For the cooked and slightly mashed white peas, soak the peas overnight then pressure cook with required amount of water and salt. Once cool, mash them slightly to obtain the thick and buttery gravy texture.
  2. Heat a non-stick kadhai and add oil, cumin seeds.
  3. Now add the finely chopped onions and saute them for a while until they are slightly brown.
  4. Add the Tomato pieces or puree (I prefer and have used the latter), turmeric powder, salt, red chilli powder and mix well until the gravy mixture is formed with oil leaving the sides.
  5. Add the cooked and mashed white peas, mix well, adjust the consistency with some water and check for salt.
  6. Allow this Ragda to simmer on low flame for atleast 10 mins and keep stirring it at regular intervals.
  7. Once the Ragda is simmered and the mixture has obtained the right buttery consistency, switch off the flame and prepare the Pattice in the meanwhile.

Note – Ragda tends to thicken after a while. Ensure you make it right before the guests arrive or if you have made it the previous day, add some water, adjust salt and accordingly obtain the right consistency before serving.

How to Make Pattice or Patties?

  1. Wash, peel and chop the potatoes into chunks.
  2. Pressure cook them with some salt and then mash it well with some turmeric powder and additional salt, if required
  3. Make equal balls, flatten slightly on your palms and shape them into thick patties.
  4. Refrigerate it for 30 mins and then pan fry them with few tblsps of oil.
  5. Ensure the heat is low when frying them so that they cook longer and develop that golden dark brown crust on top, just like the ones sold in street side shops or restaurants.

Note – Do not deep fry the patties, low heat and long cooking time gives you the perfect street side flavor, texture and look!

How to Assemble or Plate a Ragda Pattice Chaat?

  1. In a plate or small deep dish / bowl, add the patties, pour a ladle of the warm ragda mixture on top followed by some sweet chutney, green chutney.
  2. Now add the finely chopped onions, coriander leaves.
  3. Sprinkle some roasted jeera powder, chaat masala powder.
  4. Top with besan sev and serve immediately.

Recipe Notes

  • This is a gluten free and vegan snack recipe.
  • The Ragda consistency can be altered as per your taste. We prefer it slightly thick with some mashed bits of peas along with the whole ones. You can either retain the peas entirely or mash it, your choice!
  • Feel free to add some pom pearls, raw mango (when in season) on top of this chaat while serving.
  • No flour has been used as a binding agent in the pattice. 30 mins of refrigeration followed by slow cooking without disturbing the pattice on the tava or griddle for long helps you achieve the result. However, if you are not comfortable, add a tblsp or 2 of Rice flour or cornflour. Avoid breadcrumbs.
  • The prep work for this chaat can be done a day in advance. In fact, the Ragda can be made and stored in a refrigerator for a couple of days. Leftover can be used to fill up a pani puri chaat or you can simply have this as a meal with finely chopped onions, sev and chutneys etc along with Mumbai Pav.
  • The pattice can be shaped and stored a day earlier too. Cooked patties also stays good in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Can be used in burgers, sandwiches or quick chaats.

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  1. I’m a big, big fan of Ragda Pattice. There used to be a roadside vendor in Ahmedabad who used to make the best-ever Ragda Pattice. I’ve literally grown up eating that. Your post brought back all those fond memories. Lovely recipe and picture!

    1. Food memories are the best. Thank you Priya!

  2. Oh my! Such a rich looking chaat – tasty and filling and with all the tantalising flavours that go to make up a great chaat item. I found the post interesting as I didn’t really know what Ragda Pattice were! The step by step instructions make this a recipe that I want to try at the earliest.

    1. Glad you loved the post and the step by step instructions. I assure you, once you try it, there is no looking back. Thank you so much.

    1. My pleasure!

  3. Vidya , First I must say super gorgeous pics… Beautifully written post. Ragda pattice is something would love to enjoy anytime of the day. Super delicious. Beautiful post my dear

    1. Thank you my dear friend for always being a big support.

  4. Lovely write-up Vidya ! I could literally visualise the details as I read through the post and my mouth is watering now as I write this comment. Coming to the dish, the ragda pattice looks absolutely delish and super tempting ! I am sure your mom- in- law must be proud of you and her blessings will always be with you. Thanks for the fantastic share .

    1. Poonam, it really feels nice that you take the time to read my crazy love for food and the descriptions. Thanks dear and it means a lot!

  5. Vidya, this chaat is one of my easy peasy kinda chaat . You have so beautifully captured dear. Love it to the core. Awesome entry 🙂

    1. Thank you Sasmita

  6. Looks so delicious and lovely clicks, Vidya. <3

    1. thank you dear Jyoti

  7. Not only have you done justice to Mumbai chaats you have made sure everyone can master a Mumbai chaat now. Thank you for the step by step pics and detailed tips.

    1. Thank you dear for all the lovely words.

  8. I too am a big fan of the ragda made using white peas or green and not chickpeas. Definitely a filling chaat and rarely find anyone who doesn’t like it except for my best friend and I tell her she’s weird;) Am sure your mum is showering all her blessings on you whenever you remember her and cook.

    1. Sorry to say, yes I agree – Your friend is indeed weird. Ha ha! How can anyone say no to this chaat?? Thank you Mayuriji, the food and blogging is all for Ma.

  9. I love ragra patties
    And your looks mouthwatering. I can imagine the tongue tickling taste. Superb share.

    1. Thank you so much

  10. Wow.. drooling 👌👌👌👌 any chat is my favorite

    1. Haha.. Hi 5 friend, you and me belong to the chaat loving community!

    1. Thanks

    1. Happy to see you here Antonet. Thank you so much.

  11. I have become great fan of all your recipes. . Ragada Pattice is one of my fav . Planning to try next weekend.Thanks for sharing all your insight.

    1. Thank you Swetha for your faith. The encouragement is much needed by readers like you to keep me going! Masalachilli will continue to work hard and churn out yummy and healthy recipes for all its viewers. Cheers. Do let me know how the Ragda Pattice turned out. Best Wishes.

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