Besan Sev / How to make Besan Sev

Hardpressed on time? Need a quick home made snack to make for Diwali? Look no more & try these crunchy Besan Sev

Besan Sev / How to make Besan Sev

Do you know that Besan Sev was not included in my original plan of Diwali Snacks Menu? I was actually planning to make mixture or chivda as you call it but since I was hard pressed on time, decided to just make sev as it can be used post Diwali too for my chaats etc (trust me the craving for chaats is extremely high during / after Diwali).

After eating all the oily snacks and sweets laden with ghee, the stomach prefers something cool and soothing so I often make my no-fry dahi wadas (made in appe pan) which I shall be blogging soon. I top the dahi wadas with some sev & some moong sprouts etc. The tamarind chutney definitely makes a lot of difference to our palate which has by then got an overdose of ghee and besan, two star ingredients during Diwali.

Back when I was working, I never got leave to make Diwali snacks (yes, I have had to do my share of target chasing too) so my Diwali sweets were done on the day of Dhanteras. Besan Sev was the first thing I made since it takes very less time, yields a good quantity and can be added in a poha chivda or eaten just as it is. So benefits of 2 in 1 actually for busy office goers.

So, if you are a working woman, don’t fret that you cannot make umpteen number of items that the others are doing. Relax, you are also busy handling home, husband, kids and not to mention a boss too at work. Instead choose quick options like these and make them interesting by adding some flavours too if you want. Read the recipe and the notes below to check the suggested flavour variations. Enjoy your 4-5 day vacation from work and whip up something fast and easy for this Diwali.

Recipe for Besan Sev


  1. Besan or Chickpea Flour – 1 cup
  2. Rice Flour – ¼ cup
  3. Salt – as per taste
  4. Hing – ½ tsp
  5. Oil required to fry the sev
  6. Water as required to knead the dough

Method –

  • Sieve the Rice flour, chickpea flour / besan together to remove the lumps or impurities and ensure smooth dough.
  • Heat oil in a kadhai on low flame.
  • Now in a big bowl, add the sieved flours, salt, hing and knead the mixture using water into a soft dough.
  • Now lightly grease the mould / press and fix the sev plate into the same.
  • Fill the mould with the dough and slowly press the dough over the hot oil in one circular motion over low flame / heat. Wait for it to cook.
  • Once the sev looks slightly crispy, flip it over and let it cook for 2-3 seconds on the other side.
  • After they are completely cooked and crisp on both sides, remove from hot oil, drain it on a kitchen towel and repeat the process again.
  • Sev takes very less time to cook but one should ensure the flame is low as it tends to burn and turn brown soon.
  • Once cool, Store it in an airtight container. Stays good for a month.

Recipe Notes –

    1. Don’t overcrowd the oil with too many rounds of sev. Just do one session clockwise and allow the sev to cook well. Crowding leads to uncooked sev / thick sev that don’t turn crispy.
    1. Always ensure you make small batches of dough as the batter tends to dry out during the drying process. Ideal to cover the dough with a damp cloth when the frying etc process is ongoing.
  1. If your batter for some reason has turned a bit dry, splash few drops of water, knead the dough again for some 2 minutes and then start again. PS – Go slow with the splashes, extra water will damage the consistency.

Suggested flavours –

  • Add palak or spinach puree and knead the dough instead of water for palak sev.
  • Garlic paste can be added along with some red chilli powder for spicy garlic sev.
  • Lemon powder can be added along with some turmeric powder to make lemon sev.

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  1. Must at my home for whole year.. super option for munching.. lovely share

    1. Absolutely and you can’t stop at one bowl. thanks dear.

  2. Great share! Easy. tasty & hearty omapodi !

  3. Lovely recipe Vidya..:Loved it..can’t wait to try my hands on this..thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe !!

    1. My pleasure dear. This one got over the fastest at home during diwali. ha ha.

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