Quick Carrot Salad

A quick salad option for those busy weeknights. (low oil) (no dressing or added preservatives) (vegetarian)

Quick Carrot Salad

Quick Carrot Salad

(Vegan) (low oil) (gluten free) (healthy) (low fat)

If you have been reading my earlier posts on the blog, then you must be aware that we focus on eating a lot of vegetables, herbs and ingredients and in general try and include things that focus a lot on good health. Well, since me and husband both are on the extra large side (thankfully to our genes and our respective Mom’s who cooked helluva meals at home), keeping the kilos off is an everyday challenge which we both struggle with.

Having said that, we are not the type to eat oats porridge and a toast every single morning. We love our breakfast piping hot and thankfully South Indian breakfast options are usually on a healthier side if you skip the extra drizzling of nella ennai or sesame oil, which, by the way, our Mom’s would totally disapprove off.

For lunch, I pack home made meals except when husband is travelling. The lunch usually contains a lot of elements from the healthy greens to a carb in the form of ragi /millets / oats roti or rice with a dal or lentils cooked with vegetables or a dry veggie with curd or raita and some salad with some buttermilk. Making a salad everyday becomes tough sometimes especially when I normally avoid resorting to those store bought rich sauces that are usually loaded with sodium and sugar. They are a once in a while option when you are really hard pressed on time or just plain bored.

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This carrot salad, however, remains our eternal favourite at home. I love making the salad with the ooty carrots instead of our red carrots as the former ones are sweet and simply love the orange color PS – no affiliations to political parties here, just love the color, Period! This salad has very subtle flavour with the right kick of spice by the green chilies, lime juice provides the perfect zing to the salad and a final tempering of mustard seeds just seals the deal. We also like having this salad wrapped into a tortilla along with some tikkas or cutlets.

If you need to serve this salad to kids, you can skip chilies and add some chopped coriander leaves instead or just plain simple would do too.

Do read the recipe below and some suggestions or variations of this salad.

Recipe for Quick Carrot Salad

Prep Time – 10 mins

Cook time – 5 mins

Serves – 2 persons

Ingredients –

  1. Carrots – 2 nos. Large Red ones or 4 small orange colour Ooty carrots finely grated as used here
  2. Salt as per taste
  3. Lemon Juice of ½ a lemon
  4. Finely chopped green chilies as per preference
  5. Finely chopped coriander leaves

For the Tempering –

  1. Oil – 1 tsp
  2. Mustard seeds – ½ tsp
  3. Hing or asafetida – a tiny pinch

Method –

  1. In a large mixing bowl, grate the carrots, add salt, lemon juice, chopped coriander leaves, chopped green chilies and mix well.
  2. Prepare for the Tempering by heating a small pan. Once it heats, add the mustard seeds until they crackle and also a pinch of hing or asafetida.
  3. Pour the tempering over the carrot mixture and stir the salad well. Keep it aside for 5 minutes to rest until the flavours blend.
  4. You can serve this at room temperature or refrigerate for some time and serve chilled.

Note – If you are making this for the guests, suggest making the salad only after they arrive as the carrots remain crunchy and will not turn soggy with the lime and salt. Just grate the carrots and refrigerate it.


Notes and few suggestions to make the salad interesting –

  1. You can add grated beetroot along with the carrots. In case you don’t like the raw smell, just boil it in a pressure cooker without any water, peel the skin & grate.
  2. If you like sprouts and lentils, then you can add sprouted green moong dal too say around ¼ cup for 2 carrots.
  3. You can add dahi or yoghurt with this to make it a raita – Just avoid the lime juice & add one cup thick dahi or yoghurt and then pour the tempering on top of the curd.

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    1. Absolutely.. Every day planning menu can be really challenging

  1. So delicious.. we gujjus make Smabharo something like this and love it to the core

    1. I love Sambhariyo with raw papayas especially.. so delicious. Thank you dear.

  2. Quick and easy salad… All time fav..😋

    1. Absolutely. Weeknights are all about fuss free quick cooking options.

  3. My mom used to make this..and we had it as a curry with chapati. It is delicious!!

    1. Absolutely. Mom’s are the best cooks, aren’t they? Cheers!

      1. Yes.Couldn’t agree more!!!

  4. Great way to add carrots in menu. I eat fresh carrots sometime. Will try this salad next time!

  5. Yummy salad!I just love the texture and perfect pic!

    1. Thanks a ton! This is a favourite at home esp with husband.

  6. I make this all the time, and the family loves it. Great to see a fellow salad lover. I always try to make salads that aren’t loaded with salt, additives and processed junk.

    1. One of our meals is generally salad so need to try out different things. There are 2 more recipes on the blog that are made using home made salad vinaigrettes and dressing, do check out the same. Thank you!

      1. I surely will check out your recipes! 🙂
        I have some simple salad recipes on my blog, too. You might be interested in those.

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