Moong Dal Cheela Pinwheels

Moong Dal Cheela Pinwheels – These delicious dosas, crepes or pancakes require an hour of soaking, NO fermentation, contains NO Rice, Diabetic Friendly, Gluten Free, Vegan and Ayurveda Recommended too.

Moong Dal Cheela Pinwheels

Moong Dal Cheela Pinwheels / Savoury Lentil Pancake Pinwheels 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I swear by this funda! I am cranky the day my breakfast is either delayed or not filling. Since I am an early riser, I need my dose of energy quite early but there are times when everything turns topsy turvy, hence I ensure the breakfast part is sorted out the previous night itself with smart and easy prep work.

We try and keep things interesting and mind you, every single meal at home is different from the previous. Although it may have some leftover elements considering we are just 2 of us, but I ensure it is always given a brand new avatar and it has to be clearly HEALTHY. After all, it’s the first meal the body tries to digest and provide fuel for the rest of the day.

Being South Indians, making and storing batters in our refrigerator is something we all have learnt from our mothers and the whole generation. Rain or shine, there is one small batch of any batter in my fridge ALWAYS and it does turn out to be a savior at all times.

While the regular dosa, adai (mixed lentils and rice) and idli batters all have rice, there are some days in the week, wherein I refrain from adding rice to the breakfast options and stick to just protein in the form of lentils, sprouts and the likes. The top favourite in this category that is equally delicious is Moong Dal or Split Yellow Mung Dal beans or Dhuli Moong dal in Hindi.

Tempting Moong Dal Cheela Rolls ready to eat

Moong Dal Cheela is a common breakfast option at home. However, I have neither used rice to grind these dosas, crepes, pancakes or cheelas nor used any besan or garbanzo beans flour to bind. This is pure dal power and keeps you extremely full and needless to say, all that health! Now, the trick is to make it interesting – Hence the Pinwheels!

Moong Dal Cheela Breakfast Served with glass of Milk

The very same dhuli moong dal is ground into a thin crepe or dosa and slathered with home made green coriander chutney that is delicious, makes you salivate with all its components like ginger, green chillies, onions, rock salt etc.

The Moong Dal Cheela is Rolled and cut into pinwheels, makes it the perfect bite size goodie to start your day. These pinwheels are low in oil, gluten free, vegan and diabetic friendly with zero rice.

Split Yellow Mung Dal Beans or Yellow Moong Dal or Dhuli Moong Dal is a good source of protein and unlike Tuvar or Arhar Dal is much lighter on your stomach too. Hence, if you are sick, doctors recommend only Moong dal ki Khichdi with ghee and curd for the stamina and much needed strength.

Ayurveda also recommends consumption of yellow moong dal in the form of soup or crepes or the humble khichdi especially for those suffering from Pitta, excess body heat etc. The moong dal is beneficial for people looking to lose weight and detox too.

If you are looking for some recipes on the blog with Moong dal, please check out the following – (1) Ven Pongal or the South Indian Moong Dal ki Khichdi (2) Green Mung Sundal 

After reading the blog post and looking at the fancy pinwheels, you must be wondering that this breakfast would require an elaborate preparation early morning especially during weekdays, then please be rest assured that it needs an hour of soaking, no fermentation and it can be made instantly. Relieved?

Tempting Gluten Free Vegan Pinwheels

Moong Dal Cheela is a Perfect breakfast on the go or kids tiffin box idea. If your kid doesn’t like consuming dal, the pinwheels would really be appreciated. Just experiment with various homemade spreads, salads, paneer or tofu (vegan). This batter stays in the fridge for atleast 2-3 days so you are sorted with various options.

Healthy eating and planning doesn’t need a lot of work or time – Follow the blog and find many such recipes that make your life easy and ensure you make healthy choices. Try them quickly and let me know how your family enjoyed it.

Recipe for Moong Dal Cheela Pinwheels

Soaking Time – 1 hour

Prep Time – 10 mins

Cook Time – 15 mins for 8 crepes


Makes 8 to10 small sized thin crepes

  1. Yellow Moong Dal – 1 cup
  2. Water – 2 cups
  3. Salt as per taste
  4. Jeera or cumin seeds – 1 tsp
  5. ¼ tsp of turmeric powder
  6. A pinch of Hing or asafoetida
  7. 4 to 5 tblsps of Coriander chutney
  8. Oil few drops or as required to cook the cheelas or crepes


  1. Wash and soak the moong dal with 2 cups of water for atleast 1 hour.
  2. Grind into a batter. Please note the batter should not be thick and slightly thinner than the dosa batter.
  3. Add hing, salt as per taste and cumin seeds.
  4. Heat a non stick tava and add few drops of oil. Wipe it with a kitchen paper towel and then pour the batter with a ladle.
  5. The dosas should be thin and not too thick.
  6. Pour few drops of oil on the sides and allow it to cook on one side before turning the other side and cooking again for few seconds.
  7. Place the cooked cheela or dosa on the chopping board or a plate, smear the coriander chutney.
  8. Roll it and then cut it into pinwheels.
  9. Serve warm with tomato ketchup or some more chutney with a glass of pista and elaichi milk (sugar Free) for the complete breakfast treat.

Recipe Notes –

  • I have not added any additional water to grind the batter. I don’t throw away the water used for soaking and use the same for grinding.
  • The batter stays good in the refrigerator for 3 days max.
  • Experiment with a variety of toppings to make the cheelas interesting.
  • I use a non-stick griddle or tawa to cook these cheelas as they consume just drops of oil which Is just what we prefer at home.
  • This batter doesn’t require any fermentation. I also don’t add any yogurt as we don’t prefer khatta or tangy batters at home.
  • You can add some mixed veggies to this batter and some cheese to make interesting paniyarams in appe pan for kids as after school snacks too.

If you try this at home, please give me a shout out / Tag Me on any of my social media handles.


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  1. Wonderful. Will definitely try this one as I was looking for non fermented breakfast options. Thanks for sharing 👍

  2. Woow..Nice recipe dear

  3. I really admire you that you are able to make such a filling breakfast in the morning – And present it in such a nice way!! I feel embarrassed to say that we just have cereal or fruit with yogurt for breakfast.

    1. Nah! Never be embarrassed and I am certainly not judgmental on that front. When I was working, I had my short cut ways too. haha.. As long as its healthy, its okay! Thanks dear.

  4. Looks delicious Vidya…..It is one of my preferred breakfasts too !! I also like to add some ground oats to the batter which makes it even more healthier…

    1. Oats sounds healthy too. I make a lot of variations too with this, add millet flours etc .. everyday some new idea to feed healthy food to family. ha ha. thanks Anshu.

  5. Lovely way of serving cheelas.. we can relish these pinwheels as a snack with drinks too.

  6. This is amazing Divya, love the idea of making pinwheels, very innovative…keep rock on✌️

  7. These look perfect for serving with cocktails!

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