Manga Kari / Instant Raw Mango Pickle

Summers beckon Homemade Raw Mango Pickles – Try this amazing instant variety of pickles from South Indian called Manga Kari .. Deliciousness Personified!

Manga Kari / Instant Raw Mango Pickle

Manga Kari / Instant Raw Mango Pickle

If you ask me what is my favourite season? I would say, Summer! Surprised? Well don’t be. I am not fond of the heat but only the Mangoes and Jackfruits that are available during the season. Who doesn’t love them? As much as I love Alphonso Mangoes or Hapus that are the pride of Maharashtra, I am equally fond of the Raw mangoes too, after all, its pickle season. So, the recipe here, Manga Kari  or Instant Raw Mango Pickle is the first to be made at home when Raw Mangoes hit the market. 

At any point in time, we have 5-6 varieties of home made pickles at home. Seasonal produce is often converted into pickles and I take huge pride in preparing and distributing amongst family and friends. The instant variety that I am sharing here, is one of my favourites. Made in a jiffy and in fact not much prep work too, except for the chopping part. Tastes absolutely delicious with every meal, be it breakfasts or main meals. I love this with a cool bowl of curd rice which is usually the summer favourite and a South Indian favourite too.

A question that I am normally asked when people taste my pickles at home is how do they last long without any added preservatives or addition of vinegar. Firstly, pickles are not just any food. They are the kind of food that is usually consumed throughout the year, long after the produce has vanished from the market scene. So it is nature’s way of allowing us to relish the produce by nurturing it throughout the year, hence the amount of care should also be very high. Preserving pickles is an art. I don’t get a speck of fungus formation on my pickles for the very simple reason – I follow a very high level of hygiene standards. The glass jars are soaked in hot water, cleaned thoroughly for days together and dried well to ensure that there are no oil residues. Clean hands are maintained throughout the process along with clean utensils like spatula, spoons etc. Also, the pickles are required to be tended too once in a while – cleaning the rims with a tissue or soft cloth, stirring the pickle once in 3 months, checking the oil levels and adding some oil if the pickle has dried up a bit etc.

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My mother was an excellent pickle maker and it is from her, that I derive all the skills of pickle making. Also, a fact about her pickle recipes were that none of the ingredients were measured. She used clean dry hands to level the masalas and salt and just added the same. That’s confidence! Of course, I cannot match her cooking skills ever but whoever has tasted my pickles often come back for more, so I guess job done right! My Ma has been a huge influence in my life. A lady who herself didn’t cook until she got married and learnt everything from my Dad, who also was an amazing cook but soon developed the interest and turned out to be an excellent cook whipping out dishes that made us overeat. Her pickles never turned bad and we would relish it for years together, every year, the taste being top-notch. Every single time I make a batch of pickle, I fondly remember the moments I spent with her, observing her pickle making skills and hoping somewhere up in heaven, she is looking upon me and smiling that her daughter is making her proud by continuing with the legacy.

If you are looking for similar recipe of using Raw Mangoes, check out the recipe of Mango Thokku on the blog.

Recipe for Manga Kari / Instant Raw Mango Pickle

(Instant Raw Mango Pickle In South Indian Style)

Ingredients for Approx 200 gms of pickle

  1. Raw Mango (Totapuri) – 1 nos. large
  2. Salt – 2 tblsps (use rock salt)
  3. Red chilly powder – 4 heaped tblsps
  4. Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
  5. Hing – one big pinch
  6. Methi or fenugreek seeds – 1 tsp (dry roasted & coarsely ground)
  7. Oil – 8 to 10 tblsps (Use sesame / gingelly oil only to get the perfect flavor)

Method –

  1. Wash and pat dry the mango well and finely chop them into pieces (with skin).
  2. If you don’t prefer the skin, peel and then finely chop them. I prefer the skin so retain the same.
  3. In a clean and dry bowl, add the finely chopped mango, red chilli powder and salt. Mix everything well and keep this mixture aside for 15 mins.
  4. Dry roast the methi seeds and coarsely grind them in a mortar and pestle and keep aside.
  5. Heat some oil in a kadhai or non-stick pan and add some mustard seeds. Once they crackle, add hing and then pour this oil over the mango mixture. Add the roasted and coarsely ground methi seeds.
  6. Stir everything well. Let it rest for 15 odd minutes before transferring them into a clean and dry glass container.
  7. Pickle is ready for consumption. Stays good in a refrigerator for 15 days.

Recipe Notes –

  1. If you feel the pickle is becoming dry and the oil has reduced. Heat some sesame oil (say 1 or 2 tblsp), cool it completely & then pour over the pickle, mix well & refrigerate.
  2. Avoid storing pickles in Plastic bottles. Glass is the best.
  3. Always use rock salt for pickles.

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Vidya Narayan

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Vidya Narayan

Hi Everyone, I am Vidya Narayan & Welcome to my blog MasalaChilli. Born in a Traditional Palakkad Iyer (South Indian) Family with strong value systems to an exceptionally strong and independent Single Mom, spent most of my childhood studying well (as most Iyer girls do).

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  1. Mouth-watering pickle ! I think you have inherited the art of pickle making from your mother !!

  2. My mouth is watering seeing this yummy pickle, lovely recipe for an instant pickle, bookmarking it to try soon.

  3. Hard to resist to this ultimate manga kari, my mouth is just watering here. Who can resist to this ultimate mango pickle, too good to relish with some curd rice.

  4. I love this with curd rice.. a perfect combo. Love the colour of your pickle.

  5. Mouthwatering mango pickle, I remember my mom used to make it during summer time but ya she didn’t use the skin of mangoes but that one is also yum and yours pickle is such a tempting share..loved it 😋

    1. Every family has their own recipe and that is the magic of pickles. Same ingredient but variety of masalas that make it interesting. Thank you dear. Moms are the best cooks.

  6. Pickle looks mouthwatering. Always used mustard oil in pickle. Never tried with sesame oil. Bookmarking it 😊

    1. North Indians usually use Mustard oil whereas down south its sesame or Gingelly oil. That is what make the masalas taste different. Thanks a lot.

  7. All through summer I make and eat big batches of this pickle. 🙂 I have also passed on my addiction to my team at work so make for them too.

    1. Summer definitely means Pickles and I forget everything when raw / ripe mangoes are around. Good to pass on an addiction that benefits their family and friends as well. Food Addiction is perhaps the safest. Haha.

  8. Oh my! I’m salivating big time, Vidya! Since I’m not a very patient person in the kitchen, this instant pickle is just the thing for me! I make something similar with mixed vegetables but never tried with mangoes. Now this is something I can’t afford to miss! 😋

    1. I love the mixed veggies pickle too .. the gajar, gobhi shalgam acchar is my favourite too. Do try and let me know how this pickle turns out, I am sure you will love it. Thank you dear.

  9. Looks so lip-smackingly good!! We love pickles too, in fact, we have a pickle corner in our kitchen!!! Looks like you have inherited your mother’s talent; fabulous dear 🙂

    1. Thank you dear, that means a lot to me. Pickle Corners sounds interesting.

  10. I just need a bowl of curd rice and this amazing spicy pickle to relish now 🙂 Absolutely tempting !

    1. Priya, this actually tastes the best with curd rice. Thanks a ton.

  11. My mouth is watering after looking at your pickle:) I love mango pickle for ganji(brown rice) Here now I am seeing mangoes in stores. I am always happy to see, cook and share mango recipes.

    1. Oh I am looking forward to your recipes with Mangoes. I enjoy eating mangoes so much that I rarely get to make anything with it. haha.. Very addictive. Thank you so much.

  12. I never cared about summer while I was in India, but since I’m settled here for me more than 20C is unbearable but Mango my favourite fruit 🙂 We get raw mango here anytime, so I make small quantity of mango pickle whenever we feel like eating as we are not a huge fan of pickles 🙂 Yours look so tempting and lip-smacking, I can see your mothers touch in that pickle.

    1. I could really wish for the 20deg right now in Mumbai when it is 41 currently

  13. Such a mouthwatering pickle. So, the art of pickle making runs in your blood Vidya! hehe.
    You know the best things my mom makes includes narial ke laddoo. When I once asked her about measurement – she used a coconut shell to give an approximate idea. Someone like me who is so used to measuring cups and spoons, I simply can’t replicate that taste

    1. See, all moms are alike but they are the best cooks too. Thanks so much dear.

  14. Mango in any avatar is my most favourite….Being an Andhrite, you know how much we love pickles!! I’m drooling looking at the pickle, literally my mouth is watering…awesome share!!

    1. Absolutely and I love andhra cuisine for its spice as I love chillies in my meals. Thank you dear.

  15. Omg my mouth is watering just looking at the pics and literally drooling over Vidya. I can just finish this pickle with roti and won’t need any curry at all.

  16. I love all kinds of mango pickle and this instant one is my favorite… drooling over the screen

  17. Mouth watering …. love the way the masala has coated the mango. and yes, mommy darlings are the best when it comes to pickles.

  18. well explained post Vidya! At any given time,grandmas kitchen will boast of jars and jars of pickles and the varieties will make us go crazy. She will be sure to pack some for us when we leave! Now I hardly have 2 varieties of thokku at home. Yes, following the tips you gave is very important to make these pickles all through the year!

    1. Glad you share my thoughts dear. We practically lived on pickles and it was always the first thing to be packed when on holidays etc. Thanks and glad you liked it.

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