Jackfruit Seed Surnoli / Bikanda Surnoli

Surnoli is an Indian Pancake or Dosa Variety popular in Konkani Community, the Saraswat Cuisine. They are gluten free and vegan dosas

Jackfruit Seed Surnoli / Bikanda Surnoli

Surnoli is an Indian Pancake or Dosa Variety popular in Konkani Community, the Saraswat Cuisine. They are gluten free and vegan dosas that are thick, puffy, resemble an Uttapam but have more perforated holes that make it extremely spongy and light to eat. Surnolis are generally sweet in taste, with the presence of Gud or Jaggery but I have made a savoury version using dried and cooked Jackfruit Seeds or Bikand in Konkani – Presenting Jackfruit Seed Surnoli or Bikanda Surnoli.

With Summers in India and the Jackfruit season in full throttle, I am just hoping you aren’t throwing away the seeds! Are you? If yes, please save some Jackfruit seeds when you purchase Jackfruit from the market next as this recipe makes the best use of the seeds and the result is an amazing dosa which gets wiped off the minute you take it off the hot griddle. Clever use of “best out of waste” isn’t it?

Every year I collect a lot of Jackfruit seeds, sun dry them for couple of days and store in a cool dry place. It is sort of a habit now every summer, just like my Mom used to. Couple of months ago, I received this amazing cookbook called The Konkani Saraswat Cook Book by Asha S Philar from a dear friend and food blogger Paarul.

Jackfruit Seed Surnoli Recipe

I was very excited and book marked several unique recipes that I could try for the blog. This one, in particular, had me excited to bits. The Jackfruit Seed Surnoli recipe, originally, is a sweet version but I have chosen not to include Jaggery and kept it savory and increased the quantity of Jackfruit seeds too. Our weekend breakfast was a sheer treat and trust me, these dosas are super light that you forget how many you eat actually!

Key Ingredients for Bikanda Surnoli or Dosa with Jackfruit Seeds

  • Rice is the key ingredient. I have used the Ponni Idli Rice Variety which I use for Idli and Dosa batter at home. It needs around 3 hours of soaking time. Add the methi seeds to the rice while soaking.
  • Jackfruit Seeds – I had plenty of sun dried seeds so I just pressure cooked them, removed the outer cover and ground them in a mixer grinder to a smooth paste.
  • Poha or Flattened Rice – Adds to the softness element. Do not skip the same. Poha can be soaked just 5-10 minutes before grinding the batter.
  • Urad Dal or Black Gram – I have used whole Urad Dal which I normally use for all my dosa, idli, adai preparations at home. Since the quantity of dal used is less, it requires just 30 minutes of soaking time.
  • Coconut and Turmeric – Coconut adds the natural sweetness and Turmeric lends the signature yellow colour of the Surnoli dosa. Coconut is added while grinding the batter whereas the Turmeric is added after the batter is fermented and ready to make dosas.

Note – My version of Jackfruit Seed Surnoli is savoury so I have not added Gud, Jaggery or Vellam in the batter.

Key Ingredients for Bikanda Surnoli
Spongy and soft Surnoli Dosa from Saraswat Cuisine

How to achieve Spongy and Light Surnoli?

  • Once the batter is fermented and ready, adjust the consistency of the batter by adding some water. It should neither be too thick nor thin like a dosa batter.
  • You need a flat tava or griddle that should be seasoned with oil and wiped with a cloth / kitchen tissue before pouring the batter with a ladle.
  • The gas flame should be MEDIUM and not high else it would burn the dosas from the bottom.
  • A lid to cover and cook the dosasSurnoli is cooked only on one side and doesn’t need flipping.
  • Pour a ladle of batter in the centre of the griddle, DO NOT SPREAD THE BATTER THIN LIKE A DOSA. It should be thick in order to achieve the perforated holes and sponge like dosas. Pour oil on the sides and cover immediately with a lid. (check the picture below on how NOT TO Spread the dosa batter)
  • Open the lid after a few seconds, take the dosa off the griddle and place them on a plate / hot pot / casserole. DO NOT FLIP AND COOK.
An Example of HOW NOT TO SPREAD THE BATTER TOO THIN on the Tawa or Griddle which leads to NO or Less perforated holes on the dosa, making it crisp and not spongy
Jackfruit Seed Surnoli served with coconut chutney

I soak the ingredients late afternoon and grind the batter at around 7 pm in the evening, keep it for fermentation. It is usually done by 5 am when I wake up. I just add some turmeric and salt and mix lightly and refrigerate it until breakfast. The batter stays good in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days. It is a great kids tiffin box dish, ideal for breakfast. Pair these dosas with a lovely gravy and they are a great lunch option too.

Need Accompaniment ideas or Side Dish for Surnoli – Try the Spicy Chettinad Mixed Vegetable Curry and the Kerala Vegetable Stew or if you prefer, eat it with Molagapodi or Gunpowder.

Let us now look at the recipe in detail, with pictures to help us dish out this amazing spongy dosas for breakfast. Traditionally Surnolis are eaten with butter but I have served this with coconut chutney. You can opt for either or both or try any of the accompaniments listed above.

Recipe for Jackfruit Seed Surnoli / Bikanda Surnoli

Prep Time 30 minutes (soak Time 3 hours + overnight fermentation not included in prep time)

Cook time 20 minutes for 10 dosas

Batter yields approximately 20 dosas


  • 3 cups Rice (125 ml cup size) washed and soaked in 6 cups of water for 3 hours
  • 20 nos. Jackfruit seeds (pressure cooked with salt, skin removed)
  • 2 tblsp Urad Dal / Black Gram
  • 2 tblsp Poha or Flattened Rice
  • 1 tsp Methi seeds or fenugreek seeds (soaked along with rice)
  • 1 tblsp grated coconut
  • 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder or Haldi
  • Water as required to grind the batter
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil as required to cook the Surnoli


(1) Pressure cook the jackfruit seeds and mash them lightly. Grind them into a thick smooth paste by adding some water and keep aside.

Pressure cooked Jackfruit Seeds
Cooked and peeled jackfruit seeds
Thick paste of Cooked Jackfruit seeds

(2) In a mixer grinder jar, add the soaked and drained rice, Urad Dal, soaked poha, methi seeds, grated coconut. Grind them using little water until smooth.

Rice, Coconut, poha and urad dal with methi seeds to be ground for Jackfruit Seed Surnoli

(3) Add the thick jackfruit seeds paste and grind once again until the batter has mixed well.

Mixing of the Jackfruit seed paste and rice batter.

(4) Remove the contents in a vessel. Cover and Allow it to ferment for 8 to 10 hours, preferably overnight.

Jackfruit Seed Surnoli batter kept for fermentation overnight
Cover the batter with lid and place a plate below to avoid spillage
When leaving batter for overnight fermentation, I usually keep a round thali or plate below so that if excess batter spills it wont go waste and spoil the kitchen counter

(5) After the batter has fermented, add salt and turmeric powder. Mix lightly. Add some water to adjust consistency and start preparing the dosas.

Fermented Surnoli batter
Thick fermented batter
Adding salt and turmeric to the Surnoli batter

(6) Heat a griddle, add oil and lightly grease the pan.

(7) Pour a ladle of this batter and lightly spread, pour few drops of oil on the side and cover the dosa pan with a lid. Allow the holes to appear and the dosas to cook (will take only couple of seconds).

Surnoli being cooked on griddle
covering the Jackfruit seed surnoli with a lid enables spongy dosas

(8) Remove the dosa from the pan and serve immediately / store in a casserole until breakfast.

If you try this recipe at home, please give me a shout out / Tag Me on any of my social media handles.

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  1. Sounds interesting, can you elaborate on how to make the sweet variety 🙏🙏

    1. Thank you so much – For the Sweet Version, Just add some crushed Vellam or Jaggery / Gud in the batter (post fermentation) along with salt and turmeric powder. Mix well. Rest until jaggery completely dissolves and make dosas. This batter can also be refrigerated and stored for couple of days. Do let me know how it turned out.

  2. Wow Vidya , amazing recipe. Never thought any seed can be used to .make such fluffy dosa. Looks amazing. So fluffy and yummy.. Thanks for sharing such wonderful recipe..

    1. My pleasure Ruchi, Jackfruit is quite versatile and as a Keralite, it is my absolute favourite and don’t wish any of it to go waste.

  3. This is such an interesting recipe… I love jackfruit seeds a lot, I don’t eat the jackfruit as such, but save up the seeds and make a mulakittathu, which I eat the whole thing myself. 😀 The surnoli looks very interesting… with the batter slightly different from the dosa one… must try the usual version… 🙂

    1. Thanks Rafee. I have made the sweet version earlier but I wanted to try and make use of the Jackfruit seeds. Just like you, I enjoy eating the seeds too in a poriyal or a kootu.

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