Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam (No preservatives, No Vinegar, No Pectin added)

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Lovers anyone??

I love winters and look forward to eating strawberries in the season. In Mumbai, we get strawberries from Mahabaleshwar, a hill station in Maharashtra that is famous for its Strawberry farms. Mahabaleshwar is 5 hours drive from Mumbai & usually people throng to the hill station during winters to experience and buy farm fresh strawberries during the season.

Strawberries are usually available during the period of December – Feb but we prefer eating it as soon as the winters are over. At home, we strictly consume seasonal fruits as each fruit is designed to protect our body & provide nutrition according to seasonal changes.

I consume strawberries in a variety of ways like milkshakes, mocktails, salads etc. This time since I’m also baking home made breads, thought of making jams with strawberry. Result was this thick luscious beauty that was waiting to be smeared on a piece of toasted bread .. umm..

Nothing beats homemade jams as they are not loaded with preservatives and you can always control the amount of sugar as per your taste. All the more reason to indulge once in a while.

If you look at the health benefits, Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants, they are lower in calories too. Has a good amount of Vitamin C, has anti-inflammatory properties. Ensures good bone health. A very good fruit to consume for diabetics & the weight conscious.

As they say all good things don’t last forever, true in case of Strawberries too…



Makes a small bowl of jam.

Ingredients –

1. Strawberries – 15 nos. (cleaned, dried, green part removed)

2. Sugar – 6 to 8 Tblsp (may need less if strawberries are sweet and more if they are tangy)

3. Lime juice – 1tsp

Method –

1. Wash, remove the green part & puree the strawberries and keep aside.

2. Check the tangyness quotient of strawberries and then take the desired amount (more or less) of sugar.


3. In a kadhai, Add the strawberry puree and heat it on medium flame, slowly add the sugar and keep stirring it well on a medium to low flame.IMG_7714o low flame.

4. Once the puree starts thickening & you see a lovely glaze / shine, switch off the gas and squeeze the lime juice.



5. Stir the mixture once & keep aside for cooling completely before transferring to a glass jar.

Notes –

1. If you like chunky jam, try adding 5 – 6 roughly chopped strawberries after adding the puree into the kadhai.

2. This jam stays good in a refrigerator for a month or more.

3. Make this in small batches along with a variety of other jams with other pulpy fruits like apples, mango or mixed berries / fruits.

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