Safed Matar ka Paratha / White Peas Paratha Recipe

Safed Matar ka Paratha / White Peas Parathas are Flatbreads made with protein rich, cooked white peas and select Indian Spices. Is great for travel, diabetic friendly and kids tiffin box too.

Safed Matar ka Paratha / White Peas Paratha Recipe

Safed Matar ka Paratha / White Peas Paratha Recipe

I will be trying to post some quick and easy, yet healthy recipes during this month as festivities are in full swing in my part of the world and home, so cooking elaborate and variety is not my current goal. However, the goal forever remains to serve some  nutritious food at home and hence this delicious breakfast or brunch special Indian flatbreads called Safed Matar ka Paratha or Dried White peas Parathas. In Maharashtra, this is simply called as Safed Vatana.

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This month is busy and I am finishing up my blog related commitments quickly to welcome Bappa or Lord Ganesha at our home for 1.5 days. For people who know me personally, I am super excited like the Duracell bunny rabbit who keeps hopping from one place to another a week before the festival starts. My husband maintains a safe distance from me during this one week, since my stress levels are high trying to get things done and he doesn’t really want to face my wrath. Jokes apart, writing this blog post was a good break of sorts. 

Last month, I posted 3 fabulous Diabetic Friendly Breakfast Recipes on the blogAjwain Mixed Dal Parathas, Green Mung Beans Onion Uttapam and the Moong Dal Cheela Pinwheels. None of them had rice and were all made in low oil / ghee with healthy ingredients and rich in protein, which is the perfect start for the day. Not only are the above 3 recipes diabetic friendly, they are your everyday breakfast option too with easy prep work, ideal to carry for work / lunch / school and kid friendly too.

White Peas Paratha is yet another protein loaded breakfast paratha which is made with soaked and cooked white peas or safed matar. If you are a hardcore Mumbaite and a Chaat lover like me, you would simply refer to White peas as Ragda.  They are filled in the famous Pani Puris or the quintessential Mumbai favourite, Ragda Pattice wherein Potato Pattice is coated with Ragda or white peas, select spices, the chutneys with sprinkling of chaat masala and the final touch of finely chopped onions and coriander. This is very similar to the Ghugni in Kolkata too.

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I adore White Peas simply due to its ability to be extremely filling when you are hungry. I am usually hungry towards late evening (before dinner time) and I simply load the cooked peas with onions, cucumber, tomatoes and some raw mango when in season, top it with some chana or groundnuts and add loads of green chillies and coriander for the grand finale.

One cup of this mixed chat minus any oil keeps you full until your dinner or sometimes I have to skip dinner or maybe have fruits as this tends to be very filling. Since I am more hungry towards the second half of the day, I keep my evening snacks a bit heavy so that I don’t overeat for dinner. One such day, when extra ragda was leftover from the last night’s dinner, decided to blend it in a mixer grinder and add it to whole wheat flour with some basic spices and turn them into delicious flatbreads or parathas for breakfast.

Some green coriander chutney on the side, these delicious and protein loaded parathas add the perfect zing and not to mention, aids in digestion too. This is diabetic friendly too as it uses no rice and is made with the protein power of white peas. Perfect for kids who don’t like consuming pulses as it is, just cook and mash them in the blender, mix the required quantity of whole wheat flour. NO Water is required to knead the dough.

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This is a good option as travel food, kids lunch box and even for brunch at home. Believe me, once you try them, you would be more than happy to include it in your diet often.

You can also try a variety of chutneys, instead of the regular Dhania chutney, like (1) Ginger Chutney or the recent Chutney that I made from the Assamese Cuisine, (2) Pumpkin Oambal which is sweet and sour Pumpkin chutney from Assam.

If you are looking for Raita Options – The Aloo Pudine ka Raita would be a perfect hit with these parathas.

Either way, enjoy these delicious parathas for breakfast or brunch on weekends and do let me know how you liked them.

Recipe for Safed Matar ka Paratha / White Peas Paratha


  1. 1.5 cups whole wheat flour
  2. 1 cup cooked and mashed ragda or White peas / safed matar
  3. ½ tsp Garam Masala Powder
  4. ¼ tsp Chaat Masala Powder
  5. ½ tsp Red chilli powder
  6. ¼ tsp turmeric powder
  7. Salt as required
  8. Finely chopped coriander as required
  9. Ghee or oil to cook the parathas as required
  10. Water required to knead the dough (if required)


  1. In a bowl, mix the whole wheat flour, cooked and thick ragda or white peas mixture
  2. Now add the garam masala, salt to taste, red chilli powder, finely chopped coriander leaves, chaat masala powder, turmeric powder and mix well.
  3. Knead the above mixture into a dough. If you feel the dough is tight, add few tblsp of water and knead again.
  4. Allow the dough to rest for 20 minutes.
  5. Make equal balls of the dough, dust them with flour and shape them into thick flatbreads with the help of a rolling pin.
  6. Heat a griddle or tawa and cook these flatbreads with ghee or oil as preferred on both sides.
  7. Serve hot with curd, chutney or enjoy them with a cup of tea.

Recipe Notes –

Blitzing the peas in the mixer grinder ensures there are no granules and makes kneading the dough easier.

Vidya Narayan

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  1. Very nice 👌, true quick, and easy yet delicious recipes make it easier on festive occassions

    1. I am glad you agree with me. Thank you so much.

  2. great share looks yum, would make a great lunch box meal as you mention!

    1. Thanks a ton Nisha!

    1. Thanks so much pooja

    1. Thank you so much, do try!

  3. Lovely recipe! Look at the pictures, beautiful <3 Beautiful presentation!

    1. Thanks a ton Jyoti!

  4. Love parathas any time, good fact about stuffing is that you can experiment with. With white peas stuffing, you’re adding protein to it and making these paratha wholesome and nutritious.

    1. Absolutely Jagruti, experimenting is the key. Thanks so much.

  5. I cannot believe you can loose your temper. Anyway I love this paratha n will definitely make it for our lunch . Sounds yummy. In fact all the 3 diabetic friendly ones I will look at.

    1. Haha.. dont worry dear, I do that very rarely. Thanks and yes, the 3 recipes are all fun, do try. Not only diabetics, kids would also love the same I am sure. Thanks so much.

  6. I like the idea of kneading the peas with the flour into the dough instead of using as a filling. I sometime do that with potatoes and it makes the parathas really soft. Have never tried ragda parathas before, but definitely will try when I find them next 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Ashima, I add all my pulses with the wheat flour and dont use any water for kneading. That way there is a good quantity of pulses for consuming. Glad you liked the idea and hope you love it, whenever you plan to try this. PS – You should absolutely try ragda pattice! Nothing like it!

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