Roasted Almond and Choco Chip Ice cream

Roasted Almond and Choco Chip Ice cream – A delicious summer treat for the entire family. Scream more for Ice Cream!!

Roasted Almond and Choco Chip Ice cream

Okay, I had promised myself that I wouldn’t make a dessert for few more months but blame it on summers and the month of May which is special in many ways, I had to do this and I am certainly not feeling guilty. Summers are meant for ice creams and it always reminds me of my vacation days, when I waited endlessly for the gola wala to show up and then enjoy the crushed ice on a stick dunked in sugar syrup, comparing the colour of our tongues, laughing endlessly on silly jokes with friends. I have not grown up! I still get very excited looking at the gola and laugh gleefully like a 5 year old when I dunk it my sugar syrup loaded kaanch ki glass and take a chuski. Makes you forget everything in life. It is unhealthy, sugar loaded but pure nostalgia for me and I am sure for many of you as well, especially from the 90’s era.

Summers also meant mom making homemade ice creams like the paal ice or rose milk ice and frankly we never visited a fancy ice cream parlour until we started working and earning some money. Seeing a variety of ice creams behind the glass door till date excites me and I love indulging in various flavours.

So when my husband caught me ogling at ice cream pictures on IG the other day, all he wanted for the weekend was some ice cream. While his obvious choice was Mango, I suggested we use up the Almonds and the chocolate chips that we had purchased from Coorg and make a roasted almond ice cream. I did not want an extremely cream loaded ice cream this time and wanted to stick to my basics, how my mother made ice cream at home with the prime ingredient, Milk. So, I finally zeroed down to the Tarla Dalal Website as I needed an eggless ice cream too so the website is my obvious choice for vegetarian dishes and loved the fact that she did it minus loads of cream and could still get a lovely texture. The recipe is from here and I doubled it, reduced the quantity of cream, decreased the sugar content and added a lot of coarse almonds and choco chips to make it interesting.

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In case of foodies, the trips to the kitchen / freezer is directly proportional to the menu involved. My husband stood by me offering his relentless support by licking spoons of the ice cream mixture certifying that I had done a good job, waiting anxiously for the ice cream to set and was also the one to have the first scoop, thereafter going for another round blaming it on the terrible humidity and weather of Mumbai. At first, I behaved like a good girl and didn’t indulge and then blame it on PMS – I was unstoppable.

We finally realized that the weighing scale will soon show us the number we both shall dread and started planning our walks and continued with our diet in place. The thing about us both is that even though we love food, we are quick to realize our faults and work towards making amends. 

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I am taking this ice cream for the A To Z Challenge as the ingredient for the month of May starts with Alphabet ‘A‘ so I chose Almonds and made a delicious dessert option apt for summers. A group of wonderful bloggers are participating in this monthly event initiated by Jolly Maker. 

A TO Z Ing logo.jpg

Also, my original plan was to scoop the ice cream but then I suddenly thought of cutting them into squares and serving, just like how you get it in Chowpatty or Juhu beach, pieces of kulfi cut and served on a plate. Huge plus – takes some time to melt, hence could manage decent shots. 

Check out the recipe below for the Roasted Almond and Choco chip ice cream (with step by step pics) and if you are planning to make Mango Ice cream the season’s favourite, do try the recipe on the blog.

Recipe for Roasted Almond and Choco Chip Icecream

Icecream made with One Litre Milk, easily serves a family of 8 to 10 people.

Prep Time – 15 mins

Cook Time – 20 mins

Passive time (including freezing and blending once) – 18 hours. 


  1. Cow Milk – 1 litre
  2. Cornflour – 3 tblsp mixed with ¼ cup of milk 
  3. Sugar – ¼ cup
  4. Vanilla Essence – 1 tsp
  5. Roasted Almonds – 1 cup
  6. Choco Chips – ¼ cup
  7. Cream – 150 ml


  1. Boil one litre of milk in a thick bottom vessel.
  2. Mix cornflour with milk and keep aside.
  3. Once the milk boils, add the cornflour mixture and stir it continuously on low flame until you see a thick consistency, which should be around 7 – 10 minutes.
  4. Add the sugar and keep stirring the mixture to avoid burning of the milk at the bottom.
  5. Once the milk is thick, switch off the flame and allow the milk to cool until it reaches room temperature.
  6. Then add the vanilla essence, the cream (whip it once – no stiff peaks) and mix well.
  7. Add this mixture to an ice cream tin that has a lid or in case you don’t have a lid, you can cling wrap it or use an aluminium foil too to cover the top.
  8. Freeze this mixture for atleast 6 to 8 hours.
  9. After 8 hours, blend the ice cream mixture that has somewhat set to ensure the ice crystals are broken and a smooth texture is developed.
  10. Pour this thick mixture back into the tin and add the roasted and coarse almonds, choco chips too.
  11. Mix well with a spoon and freeze the ice cream (with lid or foil) over night or for atleast 10 hours.
  12. Scoop / Slice and enjoy the ice cream or if you are like me who prefer slices of ice cream, go ahead and do the same.

Recipe Notes –

  • If you are making this for kids, ensure the sugar is ¾ cup or more as they would prefer it sweeter, unlike us. We both prefer very less sugar in ice creams.
  • You can add almond essence too but I prefer Vanilla essence in most ice creams that are not pulp based.
  • I have used Amul cream (not the whipping cream)

Vidya Narayan

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Vidya Narayan

Hi Everyone, I am Vidya Narayan & Welcome to my blog MasalaChilli. Born in a Traditional Palakkad Iyer (South Indian) Family with strong value systems to an exceptionally strong and independent Single Mom, spent most of my childhood studying well (as most Iyer girls do).

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    1. Absolutely and I agree with you, summers are unbearable in Mumbai right now.

  1. Now if only you had some coconut in there! This is seriously delish, and I enjoyed hearing your childhood stories! I grew up in a very small town and we didn’t have an “ice-cream truck” which comes by like we do here in the states. In the summer an ice=cream man drives comes down my street, so my kids have had that. I like your healthier version!

    1. wonderful knowing about your story as well dear and I guess ice creams are often associated with childhood memories. After all, eating desserts and worrying about the excess calories were never a thing back then. The coconut sounds amazing, you are tempting me to try out a tender coconut ice cream as well now. How about that? Thank you for stopping by dear.

      1. Oh yes!! Make it please, and then I’ll try it!! 🙂 I admit, I’m being a little self serving, lol!!

  2. This looks and sounds so delicious! I am with you on the eating icecream during hot days .What is life without a little bit of indulgence once in a while .The soaring temperatures here are making me crave for this as well.Thanks for the delicious share Vidya!

    1. Absolutely agree on the point about indulgence once in a while. Life is short, eat an ice cream! Thanks and so glad you liked it.

  3. Looks so delicious ! Nice to feel those almond chunks while relishing ice cream !!

    1. thanks dear, yes I agree the coarse almonds made a great deal of difference.

  4. Cant ask more, the word roasted almond itself makes me drool, needless to say this ice cream is definitely my kind of dessert, wish i get few scoops to enjoy rite now eventhough its only 7am for me.. Lovely captures there.

    1. Haha.. Please by all means, treat yourself to this! There is no time for ice cream, just like for filter coffee.. haha.. anytime is good as long as you feel good after consuming it. Thank you dear.

  5. wonderful combination. Looks very delicious..

  6. perfect for the summer…homemade is always super delicious and preservative free…lovely share

  7. Delicious share Vidya!! I like the roasted almonds in Ice cream. I am so excited to see your delicious Ato Z series…Looking forward to it…

    1. Thank you so much and yes, all at home loved it too. Also, If you would like to participate in this series, do let me know.

      1. Thank you for asking, but I have so many projects piled up…So, currently I won’t be able to do it. But I’ll keep this in mind for future. I hope that’s ok.!!

      2. Hey, totally fine and I understand. Of course, you can always let me know anytime in future my dear, shall be happy to have your presence! Cheers.

      3. You are such a sweetheart!! Thank you for understanding!!

      4. 😍😍

  8. You have outdone yourself here Vidya!Absolutely divine combo of ingredients in an ice cream!Too delicious!

    1. Thank you dear, happy to hear that. Although, the weighing scale wasn’t very happy with us for the next 15 days.. hahah.. story of every foodie!

  9. What a versatile and delicious recipe Vidya! Roasted almond ice cream is my absolute favorite and I have tasted it once here in Bangalore, I really liked it. I like the simplicity the way you cut the ice cream. Great share!

    1. Thank you my partner and so glad you liked it. My original idea was to scoop but then slices of cassatta and kufli are my all time favourite so thought of doing something similar. Thank you for noticing that.

  10. Vidya, how can someone will be able to control on diet after seeing such tempting post. Loved it. Simple yet super delicious. Right now me on vacation but soon wanna try it .. thanks for sharing dear

    1. Haha.. So you can imagine what I felt right and why the blog doesn’t have too many desserts.. Glad you liked it and hope you enjoy your vacations and come back with awesome shares. Missing you in the blogging space so be back soon.

      1. Thanks my dear. Yup vacation time is awesome and energy booster. Yup Vacation is about to end 😕😕😕 will be in my routine soon . Missed your many delicious posts. Will check soon

  11. I can feel the flavor of roasted almonds..that ice cream looks fabulous…to have this delicious ice cream we can literally blame everything that comes in our

  12. Hey Vidya this is such an innovative ice-cream. I have quite a bit of a sweet tooth will definitely try it out soon 🙂 Looks absolutely delish! Much Love- meghna.

  13. Vidya I too had decided not to make any desserts, you the whole trying to get thin issue. So hubby started complaining that I don’t make anything sweet these days. Hence the apple crumble cheesecake. Your almond and chocolate chip ice cream reminds of the roasted almond ice cream from Natural. I’m waiting to try this recipe of your… well rather waiting for hubby to demand dessert again 😉 That way I can blame him for not allowing me to stay away from sweets ; Evil me :))))

    1. Mayuriji, I am literally having a wide smile on my face while reading this. You know if we didn’t have husbands like yours and mine, our cooking skills and blog would really suffer. Even if either of us are planning to stay away from some things, the other craves for it and then you make and eat it. Ho gaya dieting! But yes, that also shows how much we love and care for that person. Glad you liked the icecream, this was very much needed for the bad summers we are facing this year.

  14. I can almost feel the crunch of the almonds, the creaminess of the ice cream and the best part Vidya, I love iccream you can serve as slabs….beautiful share.

  15. Roasted almonds in choco chip ice cream …. nice twist and a great share!

  16. What a fab recipe. I think the combination of roasted almonds and chocolate is amazing! I am going to try this for sure!

  17. Roasted almonds taste great in desserts. The ice cream looks creamy and tasty.

  18. My first taste of Roasted Almond ice-cream was at Apsara @ Walkeshwar. Now I have a recipe to replicate that taste with the added bonus of chocolate chips.

    1. In this heavenly weather you are reminding me of icecreams that too my fav Apsara Icecream. Let us go some day… I always need someone to try out new flavours.. Thanks and glad you liked the recipe.

  19. Love the use of roasted almond in the ice-cream. Such a flavorful and creamy share along with the crunches from chocolate chips

  20. Roasted almond ice cream sounds tasty, and almond blends well with dairy products homemade always best!

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