Paprika and Rosemary Flavoured Dinner Rolls

Paprika and Rosemary Flavoured Dinner Rolls – A Perfect Accompaniment to Soups and polish off the Curries and gravies.

Paprika and Rosemary Flavoured Dinner Rolls

Paprika and Rosemary Flavoured Dinner Rolls

I hope you have gone through my earlier post on A Beginners guide to successfully baking a bread loaf at homeWhite Sandwich Bread. If not, please do go through the post to learn / read all the tips and tricks before trying the next bake here – The APF Paprika and Rosemary Flavoured Dinner Rolls Recipe. Perfect to have with a bowl of hot soup as an early dinner option or pack some in a lunch box along with a delicious sabzi / gravy / curries, be it anything, you will fall in love with these dinner rolls.

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Paprika and Rosemary are two of my favourite ingredients and it is quite evident or rather I may say prominent in most of my bakes. A Focaccia baked last month had loads of fresh rosemary and Paprika was added in both my bakes and recently in a Spiced Mulberry Cooler too. The flavours are subtle and paprika lends a great colour and depth / flavor to any dish. You just need to pair it well with ingredients to derive maximum flavours. Couple of months ago when Pineapples were in season, I made a Chunky Pineapple chutney that was spiced with Paprika and wiped clean at home within few days.

This recipe like many of my April posts has been delayed due to a busy March month. I wanted to send out the White Sandwich Bread first and then post this later so that people who are trying to practice bread at home can experiment and get a hang of things easily.

Since its vacations for most kids all over, such recipes are certainly welcome when the demand for snacks are always high. Lets face it, the more they play, the more energy they require. Rather than opting for harmful preservative loaded breads from the market, baking a bread is much easier and healthier, even though its APF. This is what I believe. Although, I have baked a whole wheat version of the same dinner rolls and they have come out really soft. But if you are a hardcore Mumbaite like me, you will definitely love your APF Buns or Rolls more than the whole wheat.

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If you are looking for a basic Pav or Pao Recipe, here is the link that you can experiment with – Homemade Eggless Pav. I have referred the same recipe but made the batch in a small quantity as I required only one small wreath of bread for the both of us to go along with a bowl of tomato soup at home.

Check out the easy recipe of Paprika and Rosemary Flavoured Dinner Rolls Recipe and surprise your kids today.

Prep Time – 10 mins

Bake Time – 2 hours

Makes a small wreath of pav buns as shown in the pic

Ingredients for the Bread

  1. All Purpose Flour or Maida – 1 cup
  2. ½ tsp instant dry yeast
  3. ½ tsp sugar
  4. ½ tsp salt
  5. Softened Butter – 1 tblsp & ¼ tsp for greasing the baking tin & ¼ tsp for brushing / glaze post baking
  6. Lukewarm water – ¼ cup

For the Flavourings

  1. 2 tblsp Softened Butter
  2. 1 tsp paprika powder
  3. 1 tsp dry rosemary
  4. Sea salt as per taste


  1. Mix the ingredients for flavourings and keep aside.
  2. Step 1– In case you don’t have instant yeast, take active dry yeast of the same qty and proof it. Once yeast blooms, add the mixture to the flour. PS – I prefer using instant yeast in all my bakes.
  1. Step 2 – Grease a big bowl enough to hold a risen dough with few drops of oil.
  2. In a separate bowl, add the flour, add salt, yeast (incase instant yeast), sugar and knead the dough using lukewarm water. Add the water slowly and ensure the dough doesn’t get too sticky. Do not add the entire quantity of water while kneading, sometimes you won’t even need the mentioned quantity of water. Always feel the dough while kneading, your hands and eyes are the best judge.
  3. Now place the dough on the kitchen platform or a board and add ½ tblsp of butter and knead the dough for roughly 7-10 mins.
  4. During the 10 mins of kneading, keep incorporating butter slowly. The dough should be very soft to touch after kneading.
  5. Now carefully place the kneaded dough in a greased bowl / container for proofing (Step 2) in a warm place. Ensure you cover the dough either with a damp cloth (not wet) or keep the dough in a container with lid. I prefer the latter.
  6. The proofing takes about 1 hour to 1.5 hours depending on weather conditions. The dough should be double in size. PS – In summers, especially in India, it would take only 45 mins to an hour for the 1st proofing to occur.
  7. Once the dough is proved, knock off the air by punching the dough few times (degas it). Now sprinkle some flour on the board / platform.
  8. Knead the dough lightly for 5 minutes.
  9. Divide the dough into equal sized balls, flatten them slightly and brush the mixture of the paprika, rosemary and the butter.
  10. This ensures the flavour remains both inside and out.
  11. Close and shape them into buns / balls of equal sizes and place them on a greased tin within a gap of ½ inch to rise for further proving in a warm place preferably for 30-45 mins.
  12. After the buns are proved (read risen), preheat the oven for 10 minutes at 220 degrees.
  13. Brush the top of the bread with the flavourings (the paprika butter mixture) to obtain the deep orangish colour post baking (as show in the pic)
  14. Reduce the temperature to 200 after 10 minutes and then place the buns tin in the middle rack.
  15. Bake the bread for 20 minutes at 200 deg C or until golden brown.
  16. Once baked, demould it immediately to avoid condensation and turn your bread soggy from the sides and bottom.
  17. Brush some flavoured butter again on top and sides for the perfect colour and allow it to cool on a wire rack.
  18. Serve warm or hot with soup or gravy of your choice.

Recipe Notes –

    • The yeast quantity used here is very less so the time taken for the proving was long.
    • Water used for proofing and kneading the dough should be lukewarm and not hot. Hot water kills the yeast.
    • Kneading makes the dough soft and ensures proper mixing of all ingredients, ensures soft bread. So ensure you knead the dough for a good 7-10 mins.
    • Point No. 7 – During summers, the dough rises fast as compared to winters / monsoon so your dough might take 35-40 mins. The dough should be double in size. That’s the only indication.
    • The tin used for baking the pav should be atleast 2 inches in height that can hold the shape of pav. Don’t bake the pavs in a very flat sheet.
    • Distance of ½ to 1 inch between the pavs during 2nd proving will allow the pav to rise and hold shape, stick together and form the wreath.
  • I have done this bake in a round tin. You can make this as your regular rolls in square or round shape as per your choice.

Vidya Narayan

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Vidya Narayan

Hi Everyone, I am Vidya Narayan & Welcome to my blog MasalaChilli. Born in a Traditional Palakkad Iyer (South Indian) Family with strong value systems to an exceptionally strong and independent Single Mom, spent most of my childhood studying well (as most Iyer girls do).

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  1. Wow ! Love these gorgeous dinner rolls with wonderful flavors, just cant wait to try these !

  2. These dinner rolls look super yummy. Definitely gonna try these out.

    1. Thank you so much and please do let me know how they turned out, if you try.

    1. Thank you so much dear for stopping by and appreciating these. They didn’t last for more than 10 minutes.

  3. My eyes lit up looking at this yumminess 👀

    1. That was my intention – a Good one! haha.. Thank you my dear

  4. It is actually funny that my bun bakes always come out nice when compared to my loaf bread, which as flopped all but one time. 🙁 I feel that for bread, kneading is a very important aspect to facilitate gluten formation – or whatever those big scientific things that happen in a bread! But buns are so much more easier and more beginner friendly. 😀 And yes, APF bakes tastes so much better than the aatta bakes, but then for the sake of our minds, I mostly go half-half. Hehe… Love the topping used in this beautiful buns. In fact, I was thinking to myself to bake more breads for Iftar time since it is going to be hot and the yeast will come through beautifully. Will keep your flavorings in mind for sure!

    1. Summers are perfect for baking. The loaf, i agree is slightly tricky. When I first started out, it never rose beyond the tin and would flatten out while baking. Kneading is the key and then I realised that once you get that, everything follows. However, buns are pretty easy as they are smaller portions and individual rolls shaped so they rise eventually with no fuss. I hope you nail the loaf one day, would definitely cheer for you. This will be perfect to go with any of your iftar snacks like fried nuggets or bhajiyas or maybe keema too. Thank you dear.

  5. I love your all the baked stuff Vidya. This dinner roll looks so perfect. Butter rosemary and paprika will definitely taste great. Thanks for sharing.

    1. My pleasure and thank you for always appreciating the bakes too.

  6. Perfect dinner rolls and beautiful texture!

  7. The dinner rolls are so fluffy and perfect, and lovely combination of flavours is making them so tempting.

    1. Thank you so much Soma. Kneading is the key to fluffy breads.

  8. Just love baking breads at home, its like a therapy for me, a stress burster. Wow you simply baked them super prefectly Vidya. I just love rosemary flavor in breads, am sure this dinner rolls with some curry is quite enough for me to finish my dinner rite now.

    1. Priya, you have so much of bread recipes on your blog that I hope I could reach that level some day dear. Hats off. Thank you so much, appreciation from a fellow bread baker and lover really means a lot.

  9. Dinner rolls looks perfectly done and yumm. I like the flavours – rosemary and paparika. Love the way you have explained in detail

  10. One a penny two a penny.. hot cross buns. I can only sing this. What a lovely spread Vidya. And what a patience you got to write such a long and descriptive post!. Any one can bake after reading this recipe. Thank you.

    1. Haha.. Loved that rhyme. Nivedita, Its actually not patience, its more to do with the fact that I am also a teacher who loves explaining everything in detail. So yes, this has become more of a habit and I am hoping that this leads to more confidence in people to bake wonderful breads at home. Thank you dear and so good to see you back after your break.

  11. This dinner rolls look so flavorful and perfectly baked !! Would make up for a perfect weekend dinner with some creamy mushroom soup !

    1. Creamy mushroom Soup sounds so delicious and would be perfect for monsoons arriving soon. Great idea Poonam. Thanks so much.

  12. I love baking and these rolls are a definite treat. I don’t know how many things I will do when my elder daughter comes down (she loves to eat only) but these too seem something she will love. Unfortunately, I can bake them only on alternate weekends which will coincide with some holiday/ lazing around at some resort. But then these can go with her to Bengalore. She will love them.

    1. I hope you bake something delicious and yes, such breads can be carried while travelling too. Thank you so much.

  13. Wow ! Love these gorgeous dinner rolls, just loved the combination of flavours you used in it peprika with rosemary, actually I love peprika so much and I really feel peprika & rosemary best going with baking means never failed out..dear I loved your baking skills..this is very beautiful and ofcorse long recipe too 😀 Great share 😍

    1. Ah! Long recipes – Blame it on the fact that being a teacher, I get carried away with the explanation in detail part. Have to learn to cut it down a bit but I guess, the habit won’t go away any sooner haha. Thank you for agreeing the flavours work well. I love this combination with roasted potatoes too, by the way.

  14. I would call you bread queen…I amazed how all your breads comes out so good…I’m so afraid to try one…this is so flavored bun to start a day with

    1. Not sure I am fit for that position and I am still learning dear. Since you bake and have a hand at things, trust me, breads will be a piece of cake. I am longing to see one soon now and I promise to bake a cake soon from my end. How about that for motivation?

  15. Rosemary flavored bread sounds so good. I can finish this in one day! My kids are big fan of dinner rolls. Perfectly baked and thanks for reminding me to do dinner rolls:)

    1. Thank you so much dear. Warm breads are always tempting, I agree.

  16. I would have been dancing around in my kitchen with anticipation while this bread were baking! Were you, Vidya? 😁 I think freshly baked homemade bread is one of the most tempting foods in the world and with the addition of paprika and rosemary … uff! 😍
    And just look at the very fluffy and soft texture of the buns! ❤

    1. Haha.. Maria, I am a very hopeless and anxious soul when it comes to my bread baking in the oven. I cannot stay calm but yes the dance follows as soon as it is out and slathered with butter. Nothing in the world matches the feeling of the dough rising after proofing and the final bake. It feels extremely special. Thank you for sharing my thoughts as I know you love this as much as I do my dear.

  17. Easy peassy dinner rolls are always hit at my side, Love the topping used in this beautiful buns. You just nailed it Vidya 🙂

  18. Flavorful and soft rolls. Your house must have smelt heavenly when the rolls were baking because of the rosemary. I’m surprised you managed to get 11 rolls out of 1 cup of flour or did you make tiny ones?

    1. Thanks and yes they smell divine esp anything with rosemary. Yes, they are pretty tiny buns. Usually, when I bake for both of us, I go for one cup measurement else, we both will end up indulging.

  19. I wish right now I can grab these soft and fluffy dinner rolls from the screen, I can imagine the wafting aroma of these gorgeous looking and flavourful rolls and flavours of rosemary and paprika. Pass me some butter now!

    1. The aroma of Bread baking in the oven is unmatched. Fully agree and yes, with more butter for you definitely.

  20. I love that you have so many variations in pav that you try. I wish I could bake some. Will try on the weekend. 👍

    1. Avin, you would love it I am sure. Best wishes for baking.

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