How to Pop Amaranth Seeds at home / Puffed Rajgira

Popped Amaranth Seeds or Rajgira is very similar to popcorn but way more healthier as a snack option. Can be consumed during fasting days too instead of chips etc. Easy to make at home, step by step pics with detailed recipe. Diabetic Friendly and Weight Watchers Recipe.

How to Pop Amaranth Seeds at home / Puffed Rajgira

When I purchased the Amaranth Seeds from the newly opened Foodhall in Mumbai (NOT Sponsored) last month, I was extremely excited about experimenting with new recipes using this lovely ingredient and had even jotted down few things that I would try on my way back home. Great produce and fresh ingredients really get me excited and taking the excitement further, I am sharing a lovely recipe with you all.

So, couple of weeks ago, I blogged about using the Indian Superfood Amaranth seeds as part of a filling, wholesome salad from the Leventine Cuisine called the Mediterranean Chickpea Salad with Amaranth Couscous. The Amaranth seeds were boiled, drained and fluffed, similar to couscous and added to a beautiful salad with fresh vegetables, Za’atar spice and very little oil. It replaced couscous and /or quinoa beautifully in the recipe and adding a whole lot of health!

So, I decided to go one step further and pop the seeds to check out what I could make out of them. The whole procedure was fun. Although I have to admit that the kitchen was a slight mess later on but I was doing a happy dance at the thought of eating a wonderful healthy snack for tea. I also took a step and decided to document the procedure so that one can make the puffed Rajgira at home instead of buying it from the shop.

popped amaranth seeds - a healthy diabetic friendly snack option.

Popped Amaranth or Puffed Amaranth is very similar to your popcorn but much more healthier and light. It keeps you full and at the same time provides as a low calorie snack option for tea or mid morning hours. Excellent to consume for Diabetics and/or health conscious.

Since my part of the world is getting warmer by the day, adding or including Amaranth or Rajgira as part of our diet is priority. Puffed Amaranth is not only an ideal fasting food but can be consumed on a daily basis, especially during summers.

How to use Puffed Amaranth Seeds or Popped Rajgira Seeds –

  • Add it to your breakfast cereal with milk.
  • Trail Mix or Chivda for Fasting days or as a tea time / mid morning snack.
  • Brittles or Chikki for Fasting days or evening snack for kids and adults (made with jaggery)
  • Add it on top of Raita or plain curd / dahi during summers to keep the body cool.

The puffed Amaranth stays good in an airtight container for weeks and can be consumed during fasts for Ekadashi, Sankashti, Navratri and Mahashivratri.

Puffed Rajgira an ideal low calorie fasting food or vrat recipe

Let us look at the easy recipe, steps in particular and pop some healthy Indian Super Food, Amaranth or Rajgira at home.

Before we proceed to the recipe, you would need the following –

  • A wide non stick pan
  • 1 cup of Amaranth Seeds or Rajgira Seeds
  • A tsp to add the Amaranth seeds to the hot pan
  • A clean dry bowl to collect the popped Amaranth or Rajgira

Want to check out more fasting recipes, try the Sabudana Khichdi and Rajgira Thalipeeth (flatbreads made with Amaranth Flour). I am sure you would love it.

Recipe / Procedure on how to Pop the Amaranth Seeds / Puffed Rajgira


1 cup Amaranth Seeds (200 ml cup measurement)


(1) Heat a pan on medium flame for 30 seconds before you add the amaranth seeds to the pan for popping.

Heating the pan is required to create uniform heat and correct temperature for the seeds to pop instantly. Note – If your seeds don’t pop the minute they hit the pan, heat the pan well and begin the procedure.

(2) Now carefully add 1/2 tsp of seeds in the hot pan and wait for it to pop. It will take only few seconds.

Correct procedure of adding little quantity as mentioned for beautifully popped seeds in a matter of seconds

(3) Empty the popped amaranth into a clean dry bowl and repeat the procedure for the rest of the amaranth seeds

Beautiful popped and light as air Amaranth or Rajgira Seeds Ready to Eat

Recipe Notes

(1) Do not add more than 1/2 tsp of seeds and crowd the pan. The seeds will simply burn at the bottom and not pop. It needs ample space and consistent heat for the popping. (See pictorial examples below of wrongly carrying out the process)

Crowding the pan leads to no spluttering or popping of the amaranth seeds
Burnt and half popped amaranth seeds due to crowding of the pan

(2) Please do not leave the gas stove or pan unattended. The popping takes only few seconds and you have to immediately lift the pan and empty the contents else the seeds will burn.

(3) Maintain uniform heat during the popping process.

(4) 1 cup of Amaranth yieds approximately 3 cups of popped amaranth.

If you try this recipe at home, please give me a shout out / Tag Me on any of my social media handles.

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