Goda Masala (Maharashtrian Masala or Spice Blend)

An quintessential Masala Recipe that Maharashtrian Cuisine is incomplete without – Goda Masala.

Goda Masala (Maharashtrian Masala or Spice Blend)

Just a couple of weeks ago, I met someone who enquired, “Why did you name your blog “Masalachilli?” to which I responded, “I adore chillies and I blog primarily about Indian cuisine which is incomplete without an array of spices or masalas.” Well I started this blog with the intention of bringing Indian Food into the spotlight which is healthy, unique with its countless recipes and spice blends.

Indian food is not ‘spicy’. It is a misconception. Though we are partial towards our spicy masaledaar khana, the array of spices, some of which we proudly grow, totally does justice to our cuisine and brings out depth, flavour and richness across different states.

While I can go on and on about my love for spices, chillies and Indian Food, the Mumbaikar in me thought of using the opportunity and posting the quintessential Masala Recipe that Maharashtrian Cuisine is incomplete without – Goda Masala.

Maharashtrian Masala called Goda Masala which can be used in Masale Bhat, amti

This is a recipe, which I have developed over the years. Each household add their unique touch, the measurement of ingredients are never the same etc but those of who have tasted the Masala Bhat that I make with this Goda Masala will vouch for its authenticity.

Before I proceed with the details on Goda Masala, let me state this clearly that Goda Masala is NOT Kala Masala which most people believe or are led to believe. Appearance wise they might be similar but Kala Masala is darker than Goda Masala as it is roasted for a longer time plus other ingredients. We will get to Kala Masala a bit later on the blog but for now, lets talk about Goda Masala.

Marathi Goda Masala Recipe with step by step pictures

Goda Masala (Goad means Sweet in Marathi) is a typical and traditional Maharashtrian Masala or Spice blend that is roasted and ground to be added to a variety of recipes. Misal or Usal, or typically any Rassa (gravy) bhaji is not the same without Goda Masala. Try adding a bit of Goda Masala to your regular Toor Dal or Arhar dal with a hint of jaggery, it is simply delicious.

Goda Masala Recipe Easy

I cannot imagine Masala Bhaat or Vangi Bhaat without Goda Masala in it. The Masala is not spicy (well my version is slightly) but rather has a strong aroma. If you have been buying Goda Masala off supermarket shelves, you need to stop doing that right now and make a batch of this masala at home to experience its flavour and aroma.

When you make Goda Masala, there is one key ingredient that absolutely cannot be compromised – Dagad Phool or Black Stone Flower. They look so pretty and give that rustic taste and flavour to the masala.

Dagad Phool pictures or Black Stone Flower for Goda Masala
Dagad Phool

Another few key ingredients are Coriander seeds, dry coconut or kopra / khobra (in Marathi) that lend this spice blend or masala its unique (Goad) taste. While some add poppy seeds to the masala, my version doesn’t have the same.

Making Goda Masala at home does require patience. The ingredients have to be carefully measured, individually roasted, cooled down and then ground into a powder. I prefer storing this masala in a refrigerator as it contains dry coconut.

Try this masala at home and you won’t be disappointed. I guarantee your Masala Bhaat, Amti and Misal will never be the same. Take my word, will you?

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Lets look at the recipe below and the step by step pics.

Recipe for Goda Masala (Maharashtrian Masala or Spice Blend)

Prep Time 15 mins

Cook Time 20 to 30 mins

Yields a 500 ml Jar of Masala as shown in pic

Ingredients for the first batch to be roasted

  • 1 cup Coriander Seeds or Dhania
  • 3 tblsp Khobra or dry grated coconut
  • 5 whole dry red chillies (I have used Madras chillies for the spice)
  • A drop of oil for roasting

Ingredients to be dry roasted individually

  • 1 tblsp white sesame seeds or safed til
  • 2 tblsp cumin seeds or jeera
  • 1 tblsp shah jeera or Caraway seeds
  • 1 tsp mustard seeds or rai
  • 1/2 tblsp Methi seeds or fenugreek seeds
  • 1 tblsp cloves
  • 9 cinnamon pieces (refer to pic)
  • 5 nos. Mace or Javitri
  • 1 tblsp black peppercorns or Kali mirch
  • 2 tblsp Dagad phool or Black stone flower
  • 3 nos. Black Cardamom or badi elaichi
  • 1 tblsp green cardamom or choti elaichi
  • 7 bay leaves or Tej Patta
  • 1 tblsp Haldi powder or Turmeric powder
  • 1/2 tblsp nutmeg powder or Jaiphal


  • First, assemble all the ingredients on a plate.
  • Heat a pan and add a drop of oil followed by Coriander seeds.
  • Roast the coriander seeds and add the whole red chillies.
  • Now add the grated coconut and roast all the 3 ingredients until the coconut has turned slightly brown in colour and you get the nutty aroma.
  • Switch off flame and allow these to cool down.
  • Heat the same pan and dry roast each ingredient (except the turmeric powder and nutmeg powder) until they slightly give off their aroma.
  • Be careful not to burn them and ensure the flame is at the lowest point with you constantly sauteing the masala lightly.
  • Allow all the roasted ingredients to cool down.
  • Add the haldi powder and grind the whole spices.
  • Cool slightly and store them in an airtight glass container and refrigerate it until further use.
List of spices for goda masala
Whole Spices as above ready to be roasted
How to make Goda Masala at home
Roasted Coriander, coconut and red chillies
Cool the Roasted Whole Masala for grinding the goda masala
Roasted spices being cooled before ground into a powder
Adding nutmeg powder to the goda masala spices
Adding nutmeg powder to the goda masala spices
Adding Haldi powder or Turmeric Powder for Goda Masala
Haldi powder to be added just before grinding

Recipe Notes

  • It is important to dry roast each ingredient as specified and not resort to short cut method of adding everything and roasting. It requires patience but the end result is definitely worth it.
  • You can add poppy seeds if you want, try to add it during the first part of the masala roasting i.e. along with the coriander seeds batch.
  • I personally prefer spicy masala so I added Madras Chillies which adds heat. You may add Kashmiri Lal Mirch instead which provides a good colour and no heat.
  • Dagad Phool is absolutely a must. Kindly do not skip the same.

If you try this at home, please give me a shout out / Tag Me on any of my social media handles.

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    1. Pleasure and hope you like it.

  1. Hi vidya will definitely try your recipe just wanted to know if your 1cup refers to 1 vaati or 1cup of the standard measuring cup which is 250 ml

    1. Hi Padma, 1 cup is 125 ml cup measurement used here. Would wait for your feedback, thank you so much!

  2. I had always wanted to have this recipe. I usually get the store-bought one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. My pleasure Nisha and I hope I am able to change your habit 🙂

    1. Thanks Praveena.

    1. Thanks and the aroma is unbeatable.

  3. Thanks for sharing Goda Masala recipe Vidya but I could not find your Kala Masala recipe. I used to think they were the same but now that you mentioned they are different I wanted to compare the two and see what the difference was by making both of them, but could not find it.

    1. My pleasure Shobha and thank you for stopping by the blog. Kala Masala is different than Goda Masala. Most people believe its the same but it isn’t. Sadly, I have not blogged about it yet, would be doing so in the coming months. In the meantime, I hope you find this masala recipe useful in your kitchen pantry. Cheers!

  4. Here we have a lot of types of masala as u told that Goda masala , here some family makes red masala too by adding all spices with slightly baking.

    1. Yes I agree, the masala variations are very different and every household has a different twist to it. That is the magic of Indian Food, isn’t it?

    1. Would appreciate a feedback when you try it. Thanks so much.

    1. thank you. Shall check out your blog as well.

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