Coconut Thogayal / Thengai Thogayal

Coconut Thogayal or Thengai Thogayal is a sweet, spicy and tangy chutney variety from South Indian Cuisine that is gluten free and vegan.

Coconut Thogayal / Thengai Thogayal

Thogayals aka Chutneys in South Indian Cuisine is an integral part.

This is different from your regular coconut chutneys that are usually with a tadka or tempering of mustard seeds & curry leaves and is a bit runny to pair with breakfast specials like idlis or dosas.

A thogayal on your plate ensures the meal is consumed within no time. The spicy, tangy and sometimes sweet chutney gives that extra zing to your simple meals. We all tend to go overboard when eating this at home and can never stop at 1-2 spoons.

This is usually accompanied with a Kootan or Kozhumbu (the dals and lentils combo here) and a Poriyal (stir fried veggies with coconut) or can be simply eaten with some hot rice, sesame oil or ghee and large spoonfuls of this chutney (just like my husband prefers) .. completely unhealthy but who cares when it tastes amazing .. right ??

My Ma made amazing thogayals that were fingerlicking good with wide variety of veggies too but when I have extra coconut at home, this is usually what I make.

I have always been a chilly lover….in fact I go overboard most of the times as chillies, especially green chillies are my absolute favourite ingredient. I have slightly toned down the quantity of red chillies in this recipe for my husband who prefers less spicy food. If you want to go crazy or are a chilly lover like me, go crazy on the chillies !!

Hope you love the recipe and try it at home!

Recipe for Coconut Thogayal / Chutney


  • 5-7 tblsp of Fresh Grated Coconut
  • 2 tblsp Urad Dal
  • 1 tblsp Chana Dal
  • Whole Red Chillies – 3 – 5 nos.
  • Hing – a pinch
  • Tamarind – small lemon sized ball
  • Jaggery / Gud – 2 small pinches (optional)
  • Coconut Oil – 1-2 tsp for roasting
  • Salt as per taste

Method –

  1. Heat Oil in the pan, roast urad dal, chana dal, red chillies separately and keep aside.
  2. Roast freshly grated coconut and keep aside for cooling. Just heat the coconut slightly, don’t brown it.
  3. In a mixer jar, add all the above roasted ingredients along with salt, hing and tamarind with few drops of water and coarsely grind it. Adding jaggery is entirely optional, though I prefer adding it to cut the sourness from the tamarind and lend the chutney a sweet taste.
  4. While grinding, don’t add too much water. Keep adding water with a spoon so that the consistency and texture is maintained i.e. Thick and slightly coarse.
  5. Since the chutney is fresh coconut based, it lasts for 2 days max in a fridge. Trust me, it wont last that long.
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