Chana Ros or Chanya Ros (Dry White Peas Goan Curry) with Omelette and Pav

Chana Ros a curry from the Goan Cuisine when paired with an Omlette and Pav makes a perfect Goan Breakfast treat! Check out this Vegetarian Breakfast / Brunch Feast.

Chana Ros or Chanya Ros (Dry White Peas Goan Curry) with Omelette and Pav

Chana Ros or Chanya Ros (Dry White Peas Curry), Omlette and Pav

(Vegetarian Breakfast Platter from Goan Cuisine)

What comes to your mind when you think of Goa? Beach heaven? Nightlife? Flee Markets at Anjuna Beach? Well, for foodies like me and most of you probably, Goa also means great food and drinks. While I don’t drink, I have to simply make do with all the good food available. Now before you ask me, What and Why is a vegetarian so excited about Goan Cuisine which is predominantly about sea food and in general non-vegetarian food? Well, being a vegetarian doesn’t restrict me to try dishes by tweaking them according to vegetarian taste buds, replacing ingredients to our taste and preferences etc. After all, a foodie shouldn’t be restricted to only cooking dishes from the vegetarian section strictly. Honestly speaking, while researching on the Goan cuisine, I have found a treasure trove of vegetarian recipes, so don’t be surprised if you find many of them featuring on the blog in times ahead.

Let me share a little knowledge with you all from what I read about Goan cuisine or Goans in general from Wikipedia, before planning few dishes and knowing about certain ingredients that I wanted to play with while coming up with the dish.

Firstly, Goans are divided  into Hindus, Catholics and few Muslim communities. The Hindus are further divided into Nayaks, Borkars, Kamat, Bhat, Naik etc. On the other hand, the Catholic Community draws its influence from the Portuguese who arrived in Goa some 400 years ago. The Hindu Community in Goa is composed of Saraswat Bhramins, Daivadnya Brahmins and other communities like Karhades, Chitpavans, Kunbis, Gudas etc which are smaller communities. The language spoken is Konkani and it has a huge influence from our very own Marathi language spoken in Maharashtra, in fact many similar words too. Goa situated on the Konkan coastline in the Western part of Indian and hence the food influences are very similar to what we find in the Malwani or Konkani cuisine. Rice and Coconut being staples or the main ingredient. These are ingredients that are staple to the South Indian Cuisine as well with the only exception being, the souring agent in Goan cuisine is mostly from Kokam while the South relies heavily on tamarind for its sour gravies. Also, I find the use of yoghurt / curd is very less in the Goan cuisine. 

I eyed upon this dish when we visited Goa couple of years ago for a one week holiday. Our very close friend, more like Kaka (uncle) to us, when saw our post / check-in on Facebook, recommended us to have this for breakfast. Since we are vegetarians, we had to skip the Ros Omlette but had the lovely chana bhaji with the fluffy pav and loved it immensely. They also served a delicious Batata Bhaji i.e. Potato Sabzi along with it too. Sadly, I didn’t make this dish after coming back to Mumbai ever!

So, when the Facebook Group Shhhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge announced Goa as the cuisine for the month, I knew at the very moment that this was my chance at redemption. With two secret ingredients by my partner, Poornima Porchelvan who blogs at gave me my two secret ingredients i.e. Coconut and Black Pepper, I knew making this nutritious meal would be an easy task. Poornima, who is a dietician by qualification has been blogging since quite some time now and has a wonderful range of recipes, both veg and non-veg in her repertoire.

shhh secretly challenge image

I don’t claim the Chana Ros being an authentic recipe and have made it solely on the basis of what I tasted back then. Its very similar to Vatana Usal from the Maharashtrian cuisine but doesn’t have Goda Masala and instead uses freshly ground masala with coconut as part of the gravy mixture instead of the usual onion tomato mixture.

Ros Omlette is the quickest breakfast that is every non-vegetarians delight at Goa. It is made in the beaches of Goa in small shacks or shops that are situated near the beach as well as restaurants that serve this as part of their breakfast menu along with the usuals like sheera, upma, pohe etc. It is basically fluffy omlettes made with eggs and then cooked in a ros (gravy) made with xacuti masala.

For the Vegetarians, there is Chana Ros which is made with green peas or white peas and sometimes diced potatoes are added too in the gravy which is served with pavs or pao. I didn’t want the omelette element to be subtracted from the platter, hence went ahead and included a vegetarian version by using chickpea flour and tomatoes. More like Tomato Omlette. You can either stuff the omelette in the pav and then dip it in the Chana Ros (gravy) or eat the gravy with the omelette with bites of pav every now and then. Choice is yours!

Goa Breakfast 8 close up.jpg

Narayan was extremely happy with the breakfast platter. The man loves a lavish breakfast, by the way and loves it when there are 2-3 elements on the table, unlike me.

I have been travelling a lot since past couple of months and honestly didn’t think I could do this post / dish with a considerable less time. I am really glad I did it and it certainly brought back a lot of memories of our Goa trip for the both of us at the breakfast table!

Read the recipe below and make yourself this lavish breakfast, more like a brunch the coming weekend!

Ingredients for making the Chana Ros / Chanya Ros (Dry White Peas Goan Curry) 

  1. Dry White Peas / Safed Vatana – 1 cup
  2. Coconut – 6 to 7 tblsps
  3. Black Pepper – 5 to 6 nos.
  4. Cinnamon – a tiny stick
  5. Cloves – 2 to 3 nos.
  6. Whole Red chillies – 3 or 4 nos.
  7. Onions – 1 medium, finely chopped
  8. Cardamom – 2 pods
  9. Jeera or Cumin Seeds – 2 tsps
  10. Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
  11. Coriander leaves – few for garnish
  12. Coconut oil – 1 tblsp
  13. Turmeric powder – ½ tsp
  14. Tamarind – 1 tsp
  15. Salt as per taste
  16. Water – 1 cup to cook the peas + ½ cup to adjust the consistency of the gravy

Method for making the Chanya Ros

  1. Soak the white peas overnight or atleast for 5 hours and then pressure cook them for atleast 3-4 whistles. Ensure the peas doesnt overcook. There should be a bite.
  2. Heat a kadhai or a non-stick pan, add 1 tsp of oil, then add the cloves, whole red chillies, Jeera (1 tsp), cinnamon stick, cardamom pod, black peppercorns, and saute it for a few seconds until it starts giving out an aroma.
  3. Now add the onions and saute well for few seconds. Let the onions saute until slightly brown in colour.
  4. Then add the freshly grated coconut and saute until it turns slightly brown too (roasted).
  5. Empty the contents of the pan (the roasted ingredients – Step to 4 above) in a jar for grinding in a mixer grinder with few tblsps of water and tamarind into a gravy paste.
  6. Keep the gravy paste aside and prepare making the chanya ros.
  7. Heat the kadhai or non-stick pan and add some oil. Once it heats, add the balance cumin seeds, mustard seeds and let it roast / crackle, then add the cooked white peas.
  8. Add some salt to taste, turmeric powder and stir the mixture well.
  9. Allow it to come to a boil and then add the gravy mixture. Add some water and adjust the thickness.
  10. Remember, it should be slightly watery in texture and not thick like your regular pulses sabzi as its more of Ros that needs to be dipped into while having pav.
  11. Simmer it on low flame for atleast 5 to 7 mins and then switch off the flame.
  12. Serve it hot with Omelette and Pav.

Ingredients for making the Tomato Omlette

  1. Gram Flour or Besan – 1 cup
  2. Rice Flour – 1 tblsp
  3. Puree of 1 tomato + 1 chopped tomatoe
  4. Onion – 1 medium sized finely chopped
  5. Turmeric powder – ½ tsp
  6. Red chilli powder – ½ tsp
  7. Hing – ¼ tsp
  8. Ajwain or Carrom seeds – ¼ tsp
  9. Finely chopped green chillies – 1 tblsp
  10. Minced ginger – 1 tsp
  11. Chopped coriander leaves – 2 tblsp
  12. Salt as per taste
  13. Water – 1 cup to prepare a batter.
  14. Oil – few tblps as required to cook the omlette

Method for making the Tomato Omlette

  1. In a bowl, add the gram flour, rice flour, tomato puree, chopped pieces of tomatoes, finely chopped – onions, coriander leaves, green chillies.
  2. Add ajwain or carrom seeds, minced ginger, salt as per taste along with turmeric and red chilli powder.
  3. Mix everything well before adding water as required to aquire a smooth batter consistency. Very similar to dosa batter.
  4. Heat a tawa or griddle. Add a drop of oil on the tava and season it well by using a kitchen paper towel or half a potato or onion. Seasoning helps in acquiring a non-sticky dosa / omlette always.
  5. Now pour the batter with the help of the ladle and drizzle some oil on the sides and allow it to cook on both sides before serving hot along with the Pav and Ros.

Recipe for the Homemade Eggless Pav Buns is on the blog. Click on the link and make a batch at home.

Recipe Notes –

    • White peas is the one with which you make Ragda Pattice or Usal / Misal. 
    • In case of Ros, if you don’t have white peas, you can prepare the dish using green peas (the dry ones) too.
    • Ros can be had with rotis or Rice too as an accompaniment.
    • The dish is very filling and makes an excellent breakfast or brunch option.
  • If you are a non-vegetarian or eggetarian, you can make an egg omelette and serve it with this. 

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Vidya Narayan

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Vidya Narayan

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  1. Memories of food take us back to the places we have been and experiences we had. 🙂 The Chana Ros looks fabulous. I look forward to savouring it soon.

    1. Absolutely true. I am sure you will love this. We had this the next day with Adais and trust me it tasted fabulous!

  2. Vidya , the recipe of chana ros and Omelette is amazing. Very nicely explained.. I love reading your posts..

    1. Thank you so much dear. Always look forward to your encouraging comments. Makes my day.

  3. The chana Ros sounds utterly delicious and I am drooling over the lavish spread Vidya ! Lovely write-up too 😃

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Nostalgia can make you get a lot of things on plate. Loved the theme this month and glad I could do my part.

    2. Chana ros sounds fabulous.
      My husband’s forefathers were Brahmins and somewhere down the line got converted. Their village in Goa is still predominately Hindu brahmin.

      1. So nice to know about your family. The vegetarian varieties which are believe it or not, many recipes from Portuguese era, namely foogath etc are such a treasure.

  4. Such a beautifully written post I enjoyed reading it and got reacquainted with why I love Goa or should I say AMche Goy”! The potato bhaji you are referring to is called suki bhaji and it is very simple to make. Your Chanacho ras is beautifully done. In fact my eyes are making me forget that my tummy is full !

    1. Honestly, after reading about the cuisine and the veg varieties, Amche Goy is my fav too! Oh yes, suki bhaji is the right word that even Kaka had described, but couldnt recall. Loved it so much. Thank you for pouring all the lovely words dear. Means a lot from someone who has a treasure trove of Goan recipes.

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    1. Actually there is a similar vatana curry with green peas too .. same gravy and it tastes yum. Loved the veg variety of Goan cuisine. thank you so much dear.

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    1. Thanks dear.. We dunked the pav and ate too .. my husband even had it the next day with adai (mixed lentil dosa)

  13. Just loved the way you have written the post, the recipe sounds interesting with omelet and pav, we bongs make ghugni with these White peas and enjoy it with bread pav or as it is in form of chaat, your recipe sounds lovely would give it a try for sure.

    1. Oh I love your bong food so much Soma! Esp the mishti.. Big fan. Thank you so much for pouring all the kind words possible. Means a lot and glad to have made your acquaintance. I have known you since many years as you have been an ace blogger yourself but never got around interacting. Guess this was a great start. Cheers.

  14. I cook less with vatana but this seems interesting. Love all the research that you have put up in the post. 😊😊

    1. thank you dear. My punjabi friends always tell me they dont like coconut based gravies but they love coconut chutneys a lot. In case you dont like vatana, make it with green peas if you want. Would be tasty too.

  15. Vidya, this Goan dish is new to me, but it sounds like something I would really really enjoy. Thanks for the detailed recipe — I think I’ll be making this very soon.

    1. In Goa, Pav is more famous than the bread for the gravies etc or they go for rice. Thank you so much dear.

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    1. Thank you so much. Some weekends lavish brunch is the need of the hour.

  20. White peas gravy looks delicious. I do eat sometimes with roti or rice. That is a good source of protein too. Nice to read your goa and foodie stories.

    1. Absolutely true. Thank you so much Uma and glad to know you too.

  21. This sounds like a lovely hearty breakfast that would last all day, I don’t think you would have room for lunch. I love the idea of the vegetarian omelette made with besan almost like pudla or chill. The ras looks delicious and I would love to mop it up with the bread.

    1. You are so right! We skipped breakfast for this and ended up enjoying every morsel. I baked the pavs the previous night and it was all gone within minutes. The ros is versatile. I could have it with a dosa the next day too. Thank you so much dear.

  22. I love white peas and always make matar kulcha with it. Yes, you are right we Punjabis do not prefer coconut based curries but after reading your post I am encouraged enough to try this curry next time for sure. I have never been to Goa, I wish someday I would. Love reading your post on why we should love Goa.

    1. Matar Kulcha is another favourite of mine. Had been to Amritsar couple of years ago and had it there. Lipsmacking stuff. I am sure you will love this. If you dont like too much coconut, reduce the quantity slightly. Do visit Goa, the beaches are lovely esp the South Goa ones. North Goa is just too much crowd.

  23. I visited Goa in 1983 when I was only 12 yrs old and I hardly remember anything. Nowadays Goa is a busy and popular place for tourist. Your white vatana curry with omelette makes a protein-packed meal which sounds delicious.

    1. Busy is an understatement. I prefer South Goa which is much quieter in comparison to North Goa beaches and much cleaner too. Do visit next when you plan to come to Indian and ensure you meet me in Mumbai on the way. Haha.. Thank you so much dear.

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  26. I totally love how much you have poured into this recipe… Goa is a place I would love to visit when on our vacations, but each time it’s super crazy and the whole month ends up just in our place… hehe… I guess the peas aren’t the same as chick peas, looks a bit different, will check if available here. I like to give the girls a mix of dried peas and this curry sounds really flavorful…

    1. Thanks my dear for such kind words. If you dont find peas, try making this with soaked green peas alternatively. The ones I have used is white peas. Chickpeas wont give the same effect though. Hope you all love it, esp the girls! When you plan a vacation to Goa, dont forget to land in Mumbai and meet me first.

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    1. Now you are tempting me with Delhi Wale Matar Kulchey and how I wish I could have joined you for that meal. Thank you so much for all the kind words. Do try, I am sure you will love it.

  30. Interesting combo of omelette & chana ros and sounds delicious ! Love to try with pav !!

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    1. Thank you so much dear. Goa trip happened long long ago. .. havent been there since ages now. Insta post would have been something else, I keep travelling a lot, we both love doing that apart from working hard, rest of the days. But I agree, once u visit Goa, you tend to plan another one soon. Hopefully in the coming times. Cheers Gal

  32. A lovely sumptous breakfast indeed. I loved the fact that you went on to create the full deal with a besan omlette. I need to get to some real deal breakfasts like this soon.

    1. Haha .. the full deal was the brunch for the day. Saved me the trouble of cooking something extra. As soon as I finished shooting, we attacked. Thank you dear. Hope you have settled well in Melbourne.

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    1. Thank you Swaty. This post is special indeed 🙂

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