Shengdana ani Lasanachi Sukki Chutney / Maharashtrian Peanut Garlic Dry Chutney

Shengdana ani Lasanachi Sukki Chutney / Maharashtrian Peanut Garlic Dry Chutney

One of our favourite Maharashtrian Recipe that I make at home often is the Shengdana ani Lasanachi Sukki Chutney which translates as the Peanut and Garlic Dry Chutney in Maharashtrian style. 

If you recall the post on Khamang Kakdi aka the Cucumber and Peanut Salad in Maharashtrian Style which was made using fresh and organic peanuts that were sun dried at the farmer’s backyard. I have used the same peanuts to make this fiery chutney. 

The peanuts are superbly sweet and nutty in flavour and highly addictive. I have been adding them to everyday breakfast recipes like poha, upma and sevai like crazy. I roast them and munch them as my tea time or mid morning snack too. 

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Shengdana ani Lasanachi Sukki Chutney

So with the groundnuts I had at home, I simply had to make this sucker punch of a chutney from the Maharashtrian Cuisine called Shengdanyachi Chutney which has  3 main ingredients i.e. groundnuts, garlic and some good quality red chillies. Make a batch of this and store in your refrigerator for 10 to 15 days easily, a good dry chutney variety to carry during travel, i.e. if you don’t mind a little garlic on your breath.

With dry chutneys like these, all my meals are planned in and around the same. I made Nachnichi Bhakri, enjoyed it with this chutney, curd and some loni or white butter. During my recent visit to Ganpatipule, I had thalipeeth with this chutney too and freshly cut onions.

This chutney can be also used to enjoy the piping hot Vada pav or simply put as Mumbai’s quintessential street food that no Mumbaikar, including me can resist. Smear this dry chutney liberally over the green spicy chilli chutney and then just enjoy that Nirvana moment. I am getting you all excited, isn’t it? If you are conscious about the calories, make your vada in an appe pan. Sorted!

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Shengdana ani Lasanachi Sukki Chutney

Having a stash of podis or dry chutneys in your refrigerator is a life saver for busy week days especially for breakfast. My refrigerator has always 2-3 types of podis or the dry chutneys that can be mixed with either rice or had with the south Indian breakfast options. They come handy when you are in a hurry early morning to grind chutneys and provides a good spice kick to the otherwise boring or mundane upmas or parathas.

Need more such recipes on dry chutneys to store in the refrigerator, do check out the Ellu podi or the Sesame chutney (dry) and the recent blog post of Healthy Molagapodi or the Gunpowder / Dry chutney for Idli and Dosa used by South Indians. 

I hope the description of this delicious chutney has got your taste buds tingling with excitement and you are all set to prepare and store this chutney.. Well let’s head over to the recipe and make a batch, shall we?

Recipe for Shengdana ani Lasanachi Sukki Chutney / Maharashtrian Peanut Garlic Dry Chutney

Prep Time  10 mins

Cook Time  10 odd minutes

Passive Time (cooling)  10 minutes

Ingredients for approx. 200 gms of dry chutney

  1. 1 cup Groundnuts (with skin)
  2. 8 garlic pods
  3. 12 whole dry red chillies
  4. 2 drops of Oil for roasting
  5. Salt as per taste


  1. Heat a pan and dry roast the groundnuts until they develop slight black spots on the skin. Ensure the pan is on low heat, keep stirring and always ensure the groundnuts have enough space to move in the pan. Stir at regular intervals to ensure even roasting of the nuts.
  2. This should take about 8 to 10 minutes over low heat. Empty the contents into a plate and allow it to cool down before peeling the skin (if required) and grinding them.
  3. Roast the garlic pods with a drop of oil and keep aside.
  4. Similarly, the case for the red chillies too.
  5. Allow the ingredients to completely cool down and either pound them in a mortar and pestle or mixer grinder.
  6. Keep the texture of the chutney as slightly coarse for best results in terms of taste.
  7. Store this in an airtight container for 10 to 15 days.

Vidya Narayan

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  1. Wow!! This super easy and spicy chutney is already a winner in my book! I need to make this soon and stop thinking of making this like I have the past year to enjoy with vada pav which I am yet to make!!!!! Thanks for reminding me dear and my all-time permanent podi is molaga podi which i love! Your recipe looks so good and the podi has come out fabulous! You know, peanuts are my favorite too…cannot stop munching on them, adding them to chutnies, poha, chiwda, etc. just like you 🙂 So, no excuse for making this now 🙂 Thanks for sharing the recipe dear!

    1. Vanitha, you have now tempted me to try vada pav too .. ha ha .. Now, we both have to make it anyhow .. ha ha .. for our readers, ourselves and family! Cheers to us foodies!

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