Muskmelon Cooler

Ideal summer cooler with a spicy twist.

Muskmelon Cooler

Muskmelons are known for their high water content which makes it an ideal fruit to consume during summers. Also beneficial for people struggling to lose weight (like me) as Muskmelons contain very few calories. The juicy fruit is perfect for diabetics too as well as pregnant woman as it contains a very high amount of folate. Helps reduce constipation due to its fibre content too.

I buy Muskmelons regularly as its filling, juicy & can be added to salads too which I make often at home for dinner. Also, Narayan & me prefer fresh home made juices or mocktails that are low in sugar. We avoid using soda in our drinks as much as possible. I made this mocktail on a hot n humid summer evening here in Mumbai when all we both wanted to drink was something chilled n juicy. Had muskmelon at home, so quickly gathered all the ingredients (frankly nothing much) & Ta-Da .. the drink was ready..  Dinner was  sorted with some salad on the side.

Folks, the red chilly powder gives it an amazing kick so please don’t skip that part and trust me u wont regret!! However, if you are making this for kids, please skip the same.

Let’s chill this summer with such cool refreshing drinks!! Cheers !!

Recipe for Muskmelon Cooler (spiced with red chilly powder)

(Serves 5 glasses)


  1. Muskmelon – 1 medium sized, Peeled, seeds removed and chopped in big chunks
  2. Lime juice of one lime
  3. Salt – ¼ tsp (u can use black salt as well)
  4. Sugar – 5 tsps (1 tsp per person) can be optional
  5. Red chilly powder – one tiny pinch per glass
  6. Ice cubes / crushed ice
  7. Mint leaves & lemon wedges – Optional

Method –

  1. In a blender, take chopped chunks of muskmelon, add salt, sugar, lime juice and some ice (part of it can be used while serving) and blend until smooth.
  2. While serving, take some crushed ice in a glass, add a pinch of red chilly powder, pour the muskmelon cooler and then stir well, add some more ice or lemon wedges or mint leaves for garnish.

Tips / Notes –

  • If making for kids, avoid the red chilly powder and serve.
  • If the muskmelon is sweet, the sugar can be ruled out completely.
  • Adults can go crazy by adding some Vodka.
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  1. Nice to meet you Vidya! I’m intrigued by muskmelon. Never heard of it. Wouldn’t mind trying it. 🙂

    1. thanks for stopping by. Please do try the recipe & im sure you wont be disappointed. Thanks dear.

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