Modak Icecream

Leftover Modaks transformed into an icecream (no added sugar)

Modak Icecream

One more addition to the series of “best out of leftovers”. Well I kinda am feeling extremely happy that I could salvage the bananas and turn them into a lovely cake.

Just when I was about to do a happy dance thinking everything is done and dusted, I found a box of khoya modaks in the chiller tray. Had to do something quickly and since it was one of those days when I was standing in the kitchen for a major portion of the day, couple more hours wouldn’t do any harm. Thankfully the rains have brought some respite to the otherwise humid weather in Mumbai (a good enough reason to spend more time in kitchen) but it also is making everyone around sick. Well, Karma says, You shall reap what u sow.. Stop destroying the environment else these calamities could get worse in the coming years. Anyways, moving forward….

So, a box of khoya modaks in my hand and I quickly thought of making an icecream. I had cow milk (1/2 litre) in the refrigerator. Well, usually buffalo milk is preferred as it has more cream which gives a lovely consistency but you don’t usually think much when it comes to salvaging the food that could go waste or doesn’t want to be consumed as it is. Also it was well past 8 pm & I wanted to have my dinner and then sit happily Netflixing Suits (current binge watch).

I was skeptical since I wasn’t sure what would happen if I crumble and add the modaks to the milk? Will it split? Will it turn too watery for the icecream to set? Ah!! The end result was fantastic. Narayan had just returned home from work to taste a spoonful of the icecream mixture which was resting on the kitchen counter. He thought I was making kulfis (tastes very similar) but was glad to know it was the modaks that got salvaged.

Post lunch next day, a bowl of icecream, Netflix and a happy me ?

Check out the recipe below.

Modak Icecream (No added sugar)

Makes 200 gms of Icecream

Prep time – 10 mins

Cooking time – 30 mins (time to set in freezer max 8 hours or overnight preferably)

Ingredients –

  1. Milk – ½ litre (I have used cow milk)
  2. Khoya Modaks – 10 nos crumbled
  3. Pista / any nuts of choice – 2 tblps roughly chopped
  4. A splash of rose water

Method –

  • Heat Milk in a vessel and allow it to boil & reduce till it reaches ½ the quantity.
  • Keep stirring in between and spoon the malai / cream from the sides & incorporate in the milk.
  • Crumble the modaks and keep aside.
  • Once the milk reduces to half the quantity, add the crumbled modaks and give it a good mix. Ensure the flame is on low heat.
  • Keep stirring the mixture and you will notice it will thicken eventually (say after 5-7 mins).
  • Switch off the flame, add the nuts and splash some rose water. Stir it nicely and let it rest till it reaches room temperature.
  • Transfer it to an aluminium tin or icecream tin and freeze it (cover with a cling film) and let it set for a good 8 to 10 hours, preferably overnight.

Notes –

  • I have not added any additional sugar as the modaks were sweet enough for our taste.
  • No added cream was used.
  • No cornflour or thickening agents used.
  • You can add few saffron strands too to turn them into kesar pista modak Icecream.

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Vidya Narayan 

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Vidya Narayan

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  1. Wow…who would have thought that modaks can be transformed into something so refreshing…great recipe?

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Thanks dear & glad u liked it. Salvaging food is what i love the most. Hate wastage.

  2. Anshu Agarwal

    Wow…What a lovely Idea to use leftover modaks..this looks so tempting..

    1. Vidya Narayan

      Thanks & Indeed. The ice cream is a huge hit & I will have to wait for the next year to try this again!!

      1. Anshu Agarwal

        Once have tried kulfi with leftover peda…That also gives amazing texture and taste to the kulfi..

      2. Vidya Narayan

        Oh i can imagine the lovely flavour of pedas into icecream… It’s the best way to use up leftovers .. give it a tasty remake !!

      3. Anshu Agarwal

        Yes Vidya…it is awesome to create new dishes with leftovers..?

  3. InspiresN

    sounds awesome! great idea and a fantastic recipe!

    1. Vidya Narayan

      thanks so much. The icecream was enjoyed thoroughly at home.

  4. Megala

    Wonderful idea to use left-over modak !

  5. Geeta Konda

    Hey Vidya. Thank u for the wonderful dessert from leftover mithai bought from outside. Tried it and it turned out absolutely yummy. So effortless yet so amazing.Will post the pics on FB once the kulfi is out from freezer. Lots of hugs and muhhhs . Keep following ur heart and ur passion for cooking .

    1. Vidya Narayan

      I am so happy to hear this! Thank you so much for trying the same & posting your feedback as well. It means a lot ! Trust me.. Thank you for the faith you have in me today & always 🙂 Love, hugs n muahhh Geetu !!

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