Jalapeno and Olive Whole Wheat Buns

Jalapeno and Olive Whole Wheat Buns – Serve it either with a bowl of pasta or some tea, these buns are surely delicious!

Jalapeno and Olive Whole Wheat Buns

Jalapeno and Olive Whole Wheat Buns

There has been a considerable amount of delay in posting this recipe. The thing is, I hate hurrying over writing Bread recipes as I like to spend considerable amount of time to ensure the recipe is perfect and the ones trying out should be successful in their very first attempt.

Honestly, in case of Bread recipes, if it doesn’t turn out perfect in the first attempt, you lose heart as a considerable amount of time is invested in the proofing and baking part. All that patience clearly deserves success in the very first attempt itself and hence the delay in writing, yet another long post. Secondly, Whole Wheat breads can be a bit trickier, so getting that perfect crumb and soft texture is utmost important.

When I posted this recipe as a teaser last month with my views about the TWF product that I have used for making these buns on Facebook, my school friend since the last 20 plus years who follows my blog and has been a huge motivation to me, asked me to post a detailed recipe for the whole wheat buns. She follows my blog, tries the recipes, tells me they are a hit in the very first attempt, including the bread recipes. She recently tried the APF Ladi Pavs or Mumbai Pavs and the Whole Wheat focaccia too for her kids and they both were loved by her family. So, she requested me to expedite this recipe and has also demanded another one, which will be on the blog in the next month. Geeta, I love you my dear girl, we are friends for life and anything for you!

Whole Wheat Buns 3

Also, with this bake I have tried few techniques that include longer proofing and slow dough rise to ensure the whole wheat breads are not dense. I was extremely happy with the results and the the taste, most definitely.

Patience is clearly not my husbands virtue when it comes to food. He starts making rounds as soon as he gets a whiff of the bakes and clearly it was the case with these buns too. So, I made him enjoy a couple of pieces while I got on to click the pictures before the natural light at my place decides to ditch me and my attempts in shooting good pictures for the blog.

whole Wheat Buns 1

So, coming back to the product, TWF sent me a box of their range of Whole Wheat Flours that are organic, chemical and additives free for an honest review and feedback. Out of the 3 samples sent, I tried my hand at the Reliq Wheat Flour which is an Authentic Ancient Wheat that is cultivated using organic practices in select farms in the Deccan Plateau. The Wheat retains its flavor and nutrition profile. I was happy with the crumb and the softness of the bread. Couple of buns stayed good and soft the next day too.

Jalapeno Buns - TWF 1.jpg

I used the Indie brand of Whole Wheat Flour to make the Laccha Parathas that featured in the Malai Kofta Recipe Post last month which are whole wheat flours for Indian Flatbreads. The results were amazing. Soft parathas and wholesome.

These whole wheat buns are your perfect tea time companion or you can have them for breakfast too along with some sauteed veggies or egg omlettes on the side. Your kids would love them as tiffin box snacks or after school snacks too along with some ketchup or grated cheese on top. They are whole wheat so absolutely healthy and filling.

Jalapeno Buns TWF 2.jpg

Lets check out the recipe of these Jalapeno and Olive Whole Wheat Buns and make a batch today. I have not included the step by step pics for this recipe but will urge you to look at the Nachni Buns recipe that has full details of the proofing, knocking and shaping pictures.

Also, if you are a beginner at bread baking and need to understand the basics, do check out my post on White Sandwich Bread Recipe that has all the answers to your questions and perhaps your doubts too. In case, you do have any other queries, leave them in comments and would be happy to respond.

Recipe for Jalapeno and Olive Whole Wheat Buns

Prep time – 10 mins

Proofing – 7 hours total

Baking – 25 mins

Makes approx. 10 to 12 small sized buns as show in the pic

Ingredients for the Bread –

  1. Whole Wheat Flour – 1.5 cups
  2. 1 tsp instant dry yeast
  3. 1 tsp sugar
  4. ½ tsp salt
  5. Milk – 2 tblsp
  6. Soft Butter – 2 tblsp for kneading, ¼ tsp for greasing the tin & ½ tsp for brushing post baking
  7. Lukewarm water – ¾ cup  

Ingredients for the Flavourings-

  1. Jalapenos – 10 nos. finely chopped
  2. Black Olives – 15 nos. finely chopped
  3. Sunflower seeds – 1 tblsp coarsely chopped
  4. Red chilli flakes – as per taste
  5. Oregano – ¼ tsp
  6. Rosemary – ¼ tsp

Method for making the Bread –

  1. Step 1– In case you don’t have instant yeast, take active dry yeast of the same qty and proof it. Once yeast blooms, add the mixture to the flour. PS – I prefer using instant yeast in all my bakes.
  2. Step 2– Grease a big bowl enough to hold a risen dough with few drops of oil.
  3. In a separate bowl, add the flour, add salt, yeast (incase instant yeast), milk, sugar and knead the dough using lukewarm water. Add the water slowly and ensure the dough doesn’t get too sticky. Do not add the entire quantity of water while kneading, sometimes you won’t even need the mentioned quantity of water. Always feel the dough while kneading, your hands and eyes are the best judge.
  4. Now place the dough on the kitchen platform or a board and put 1 tblsp of soft butter and knead the dough for roughly 7-10 mins.
  5. During the 10 mins of kneading, keep incorporating butter slowly. The dough should be very soft to touch after kneading.
  6. Now carefully place the kneaded dough in a greased bowl / container for proofing (Step 2) in a warm place. Ensure you cover the dough either with a damp cloth (not wet) or keep the dough in a container with lid.
  7. Proof this for atleast 6 hours in a warm place or preferably overnight in the fridge.

If you have proofed it for 6 hours, then follow the below steps.

  1. After 6 hours, dough would be more than double the size.
  2. Knock the dough by punching it few times.
  3. Add the flavourings i.e. the Olives and Jalapenos along with the required herbs etc.
  4. Knead it lightly on a floured surface for 5 mins until the flavours incorporate in the dough.

In case you have proved the dough overnight, then follow the below steps.

  1. Remove the dough from the fridge and let it attain room temperature.
  2. Follow steps 9 to 11 above.
  1. Now, shape the balls of equal sizes, roll them nicely and place them on a greased tin within a gap of 1 inch to rise for further proving in a warm place preferably for 45 mins to an hour.
  2. Preheat the oven before baking for atleast 10 mins (hot oven) at 220 degrees.
  3. After the buns have proved again for the 2nd time, place them in the oven for baking at 200 degrees for 20 to 25 mins.
  4. Once baked, brush a bit of butter on top. Serve warm or cool.

Recipe Notes –

  • These whole wheat buns turn out super soft due to longer proofing.
  • Water used for proofing and kneading the dough should be lukewarm and not hot. Hot water kills the yeast.
  • Kneading makes the dough soft and ensures proper mixing of all ingredients, ensures soft bread. So ensure you knead the dough for a good 7-10 mins.

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  1. Perfect muchies with a mug of ☕

  2. Perfect munchies with a cuppa ☕

  3. Omg, this is mouthwatering!!! So delicious and unique combination of my fav. ingredients….Jalapeno in whole wheat bun: simply awesome!!!!

    1. Thanks and glad you liked the combination of ingredients. They are my fav too.

  4. Love such breads/buns, loaded with all these seeds and olives and seasonings. The only problem is that I probably would not be able to stop eating them! 🙂

    1. Let me tell you something, I face the exact same problem of not being able to control when it comes to good flavourful breads. Thank you so much and sorry it took some time for me to respond.

  5. Wow 😍.. Loved the recipe!! Perfect tea time snack.. Such a detailed post 👌. Making these type of recipes needs a lot of patience, but if they turned out perfect.. We’ll forget everything 😋

    1. Thank you for appreciating all the effort and yes, I agree that detailed recipes always helps first time bakers, especially. Cheers Praneeta, glad you loved the buns!

  6. They look delicious!! have never tried baking bread with whole wheat flour and your post is motivating me to do so 😍

    1. Smitha, I have been missing since last 2 weeks due to a house shift and believe me, I missed baking so right now since the house is just getting organised, I am wondering when do I start next. Haha.. Baking bug indeed. Do try whole wheat and its not tricky or dense at all. Hope the post helps and motivates and I am eager to see a post on your blog soon dear.

  7. Interesting recipe 👍

  8. It’s a super duper recipe… flavourful and such a delicacy. The flavours burst out in mouth with every bite. And she has explained the process in so much detail that a novice like me could muster the courage to bake it. 👌And it’s with wheat, makes life whole lot easier.. 😍

    1. Thank you Ruchika for such a lovely feedback. Glad you liked the buns, they are a personal favourite.

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