Green chilli Pickle

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Recipe for Green Chilli Pickle


  1. Green Chillies – ½ kg (washed, wiped clean, dried well & chopped)
  2. Salt – as per taste
  3. Oil – as required (I have used Sesame Oil)
  4. Methi seeds – 1 small tsp (dry roasted & ground into a fine powder using mortar pestle)
  5. Lime juice – 4 nos.
  6. Yellow Mustard Seeds – 5 big spoons
  7. Yellow Mustard seeds powder – 2 tsps
  8. Turmeric powder – 1 big spoon

Method –

  1. Heat the oil until smoking point & keep aside for cooling.
  2. Take the chopped green chilies in a large bowl. Add the salt, lemon juice, methi seeds powder, yellow mustard seeds, yellow mustard seeds powder, turmeric powder & mix well using a big spoon.
  3. Now add the oil which should be now completely cool & mix well. Keep some oil aside to pour in the glass jar after the pickle has been filled.
  4. Once the glass jar is filled, pour the remaining oil upto 2 -3 inches. It will be absorbed by the pickle slowly.
  5. Store this outside for 2- 3 days & stir it nicely with a dry spoon checking the oil levels.
  6. Store it in the refrigerator after that & use only after 10 days or so.   

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