Dates & Dry Fruits Ladoos

Sweet Cravings ?? Go ahead ... enjoy these guilt free sweets. Did I tell u "No Cook" & "No added sugar" ??

Recipe for Dates & Dry Fruit Ladoos (No cook & No added sugar)

(Makes 10-12 small sized ladoos)


  1. Dates – 1.5 cup (seedless & finely chopped)
  2. Ghee  / Clarified Butter – 2 tsps
  3. Nuts (Almonds & Pistachios) – ½ cup finely chopped

Method –

  • In a bowl, take all the above ingredients, add ghee & mix well.
  • Try to make ladoos by applying a drop of ghee on your palm to avoid the dates sticking to your palm.
  • Refrigerate it for around 15 mins & enjoy.

Notes –

  • Since this is a no cook recipe, you may store this in the fridge for over a month.
  • Add any mixed nuts like hazelnuts, raisins etc.
  • You can also add some choco chips for kids.
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