Everyone loves travelling & we too are passionate about the same. We are excellent planners & hence our annual vacation destinations are planned months in advance keeping in mind our individual interests too. While I don’t prefer beach destinations, my husband is a complete water baby.

Other than annual vacations, which we prefer to take during off seasons to avoid the rush, we also take short breaks during the year to rejuvenate ourselves. Mostly the trips are planned with friends which make it more interesting, memorable & fun.

Travelling also helps the foodie within me to explore different kinds of cuisine, food styles, spices used etc & I usually end up visiting a vegetable or fruit market to experience the local fruits & veggies. I also enjoy bringing home few ingredients, spices etc to experiment with.

In this Travel space of the blog, I will be sharing some travel experiences with you all which also includes some details about places to visit, eat, stay etc. Hope you find this information useful & enjoy the destination as much as we did.


Vidya Narayan


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