Dapoli - Mango Heaven

In the year 2015, we visited Dapoli over a weekend in the summers with a big bunch of friends who are passionate about travelling & eating as much as we were.

Dapoli is a town in Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra. It is some 215 kms from Mumbai.

The whole point of visiting Dapoli was to relax over the weekend & have loads of fun. But little did we know what the place had in store for us.

On the way to Dapoli, there were these huge mango trees & we couldn’t contain our excitement & started picking mangoes by throwing stones & using tree branches .. It was revisiting our childhood days when climbing trees was a huge adventure something  which today’s kids really miss.


The hotel that we were staying was at an amazing location. There was a small beach nearby & on the way to the beach, there were these amazing mango orchards. Organically grown, no pesticides, ripened naturally, large alphonso mangoes. One of the best batch of mangoes I have tasted! Full of juice & pulp.

I also bought home some raw mangoes that were plucked from the trees by us to make these amazing pickles in true Maharashtrian style called Methamba (Sour spicy & sweet relish with methi seeds) & Sakharamba (sour & sweet relish). Do check out the recipes on the blog.


This is what I love to do! Create recipes from the fresh ingredients bought which always makes me wonder & revisit the good times we all had.

Tips –

  • Try staying at Ferns Samali Hotel. The orchards are just few kms away from the hotel & so is the beach. Good bargaining skills helps.
  • Don’t miss the welcome drink at the hotel, Kokam Sharbet (Natural coolant during summers) .. by far the best I have tasted.
  • Do visit the market (Sundays closed) & buy the sharbet for sure!! I surely did!
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