Molaga Podi / GUNPOWDER / South Indian Style Spiced Dry Lentil powder

South India’s Spiced Lentil Powder – Gunpowder / Molaga Podi

Molaga Podi / GUNPOWDER / South Indian Style Spiced Dry Lentil powder

I bet every South Indian household has this stored in their pantry especially since this is a breakfast special chutney. There are days when you are busy in the mornings and do not have much time to grind coconut chutneys, these dry chutneys come to your rescue.

Each household has their own recipe, so does mine. This is what my Mom has been making since I was little and it was taught to her by my grandmother (another fabulous cook).

Molagapodi means – Molaga = Chillies and podi means powder.

So ideally this podi should be spicy to ensure your South Indian breakfast staples like idlis or dosas doesn’t taste bland.

A spoonful of this podi and a generous drizzle of nella ennai or sesame oil is just pure bliss. This podi is very useful during travelling. Some idlis smeared with this podi and oil and neatly packed in a box or ziplock bags is a good option for travelling than opting for snacks served in trains that are usually not hygienic.

Another way of eating this (especially preferred by kids) is mixing molaga podi with some sugar and ghee / clarified butter. The sugar cuts the spice and the ghee gives an amazing aroma. Can be a good snack option for kids tiffin box.

Many households also add garlic but Palakkad Iyer’s (like me) generally refrain from using Garlic in our food.

This podi / powder has a fairly long shelf life and doesn’t require refrigeration.

So, go ahead, try this recipe to make your South Indian breakfasts even more interesting.

Recipe for Molaga Podi / GUNPOWDER / South Indian Style Spiced Dry Lentil powder

Ingredients –

  1. Urad Dal – 2 cups
  2. Chana Dal – 1 cup
  3. Dry Red chillies – atleast 8 to 10 nos.
  4. Sesame Seeds – ¼ cup (white)
  5. Sesame seeds – 1 tblsp (Black)
  6. Hing or asafetida – a big generous pinch
  7. Oil – Preferably sesame oil just a tsp
  8. Salt as per taste

Ingredients for Molagapodi.JPG

Method –

  1. Dry roast All the ingredients (dals, chillies and sesame seeds) separately with just few drops of oil.
  2. Please ensure you roast the ingredients on a low flame. The dals should be slightly roasted and brown in colour (not black at all).
  3. Allow it to cool and then add salt, hing and grind it to a powder in the mixer.
  4. Store in a cool place.
  5. To serve – Take a spoon of this mixture and add some sesame oil to it, mix well and serve with idlis, dosas, uttapams. You can use this powder to make masala idlis too.

Few Ways to include this Podi / Powder –

  1. Uttapams – While cooking, sprinkle the podi and few drops of oil on the top of the uttapam and pack in the lunch box.
  2. Masala Idlis – Sprinkle this podi on idlis and toss it in a pan with some mustard seeds, curry leaves, red chilly powder and salt.
  3. Semolina Upma – Sprinkle on the top of the upma while serving.

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