Gardening for me is a way to relax, connect with the soil. Each morning when I wake up and see my plants, I get this fresh energy, hope and satisfaction that ensures the rest of the day is positive.

When I’m away on holidays, I miss them terribly so much so that when I reach home, the first thing I do is rush to see them, check if they are ok. It’s a part of me, yes, even though I have a very small area with plants, I am content with having them around & enjoy nurturing them. They are now a part of me.

When you learn to grow your own produce, it teaches you a lot about life:-

 First attempts may not always be successful.

 If your first attempt is successful, don’t be proud, learn to respect it & nurture it.

 If you are unsuccessful, don’t lose hope, get up & do it once again.

 The results don’t matter, sow the seeds, water it daily, one day, you will see tiny sprouts!

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The art of appreciating little things that happen around us is what matters. Don’t focus on the bigger picture, just enjoy what you have, the PRESENT!

I hope you appreciate this space, a hobby that I have been enjoying since the last 6 years. Hopefully some day I fulfill my dream of owning an organic farm somewhere near Mumbai where I can grow organic produce and cook with the freshest ingredients!! Well, Someday!!

Until then, Be Responsible, Do your bit for the Environment!


Vidya Narayan

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