Significance, Important Dates of Aadi Masam (Pirappu) 2018 with 21 Prasadam Recipe Ideas

Significance, Important Dates of Aadi Masam (Pirappu) 2018 with 21 Prasadam Recipe Ideas

Aadi Masam or Month, also known as Aadi Pirappu (Festival) is a popular festival celebrated across South India. In Tamil Nadu, the festival has a significant importance, with all the temples gearing up for the occasion by organizing various festivals, pooja, abhishekams etc for various Gods and Goddesses. The Aadi Masam or month corresponds to the Ashad or Ashadi month according to the Lunar Calender. It is the beginning of Dakshinayanam, which is auspicious to conduct all religious activities in temples and homes but is considered inauspicious to start a new venture, conduct marriage, buy property etc.

Aadi festival is celebrated during the month of July- August and this year it starts from July 17th and ends on August 16th 2018. The month begins when the sun transits to Cancer Zodiac (Karkataka). This festival is also a tribute to water (monsoons) – which gives us life and food. The rivers, lakes etc all over Tamil Nadu are revered during Aadi Masam and are offered pooja, archana and neivedyam with prayers and hope to help them get a good yield. All across South India, it is a wonderful sight to see the paddy / rice fields with workers sowing the seeds. 

Aadi Perukku, one of the important days in Aadi Masam is celebrated on the 18th day of the the Aadi Month. It is also called as Padinettam Perukku. Padinettam means 18 in Tamil and Perukku denotes rising of the water levels in the lakes, rivers (The River Cauvery, most importantly) ensuring good harvest and prosperity. 

My MIL, Mrs. Chandra Neelakantan, hailed from Tanjore, celebrated this day by making 5 types of rice varieties or Kalavai Sadam with Sakkarai Pongal as Neivedyam for Ambal or Goddess. As a dutiful DIL, I follow the tradition every year.

Aadi Masam though auspicious for all the Gods and Goddesses, is very important particularly for Ambal or Devi or Shakti.

Listed below are dates and details on the important and auspicious days for offering prasadams, organizing Mangadu or pooja at home for the Goddess during the whole month of Aadi.

Other than the below dates, every Tuesday and Friday i.e. Aadi chevvai and Aadi Velli are considered auspicious and chanting of shlokams / bhajanais are encouraged at home.

  • 17th July 2018 – Aadi Pirappu (Beginning of Aadi Masam)
  • 18th July 2018 – Sashti Vratham
  • 24th July 2018 – Chaturmaas month begins
  • 27th July 2018 – Guru Poornima
  • 31st July 2018 – Angarika Sankashta Chaturthi
  • 03rd August 2018 – Aadi 18 or Aadi Perukku – Falls on the 18th day of the Aadi month and is considered very auspicious for the Goddess Shakti. My MIL’s tradition is making 5 types of variety rice (recipes given below) including a sakkarai Pongal and offer as neivedhyam.
  • 05th August 2018 – Aadi Krithigai is celebrated worshipping Lord Karthik or Murugan. We offer Pal Payasam and Milagu Jeera Rice as Prasadam for this auspicious occasion.
  • 11th August 2018 – Aadi Amavasya is to remember our ancestors by performing Tarpanam and giving Brahmins some dakshina. Generally, on Amavasya, we skip dinner and opt only for snack or breakfast items called ‘Tiffin’.
  • 13th August 2018 – Aadi Pooram is celebrated for Goddess Andal.
  • 16th August 2018 – Sashti Vratham and Aadi Masam ends

Even though the month is inauspicious for beginning anything new, the entire month is celebrated like a big festival. Visiting temples, chanting of mantras are encouraged at home and in temples. Bhajans and other functions are also organized at homes to create a positive atmosphere and a feeling of peace.

Below is a collection of 21 Recipes that you can make and offer as Prasadam during the auspicious month. Needless to say, all the recipes are no-onion and no-garlic recipes. The collection is made with some of my recipes from the blog and few recipes from my blogger friends who have been very generous with their contributions. Do try the recipes and pray that the Almighty grant us wisdom and always hold our hands in troubled times.

Happy Aadi Masam to all my readers!

List of Recipes from Masalachilli

  1. Lemon Rice
  2. Ven Pongal
  3. Milagu Jeera Sadam
  4. Thayir Sadam
  5. Green Gram Sundal
  6. Pal Payasam
  7. Semiya Payasam
  8. Sweet Kozhukattai / Modak

Contributions from Blogger Friends are –

  1. Paruppu Vadai by Radha Natarajan
  2. Medu Vada by Radha Natarajan
  3. Temple Puliyodhare by Radha Natarajan
  4. Badam Halwa by Aruna P
  5. Moong Dal Halwa by Renu
  6. Manjal Pongal by Seema S
  7. Sakkarai Pongal by Poonam B
  8. Kalkandu Pongal by Priya Suresh
  9. Proso Millet Sweet Pongal by Priya 
  10. Wheat Semolina Sheera by Shobha K
  11. Akkaraavadisal by Veena K
  12. Meetha Chawal or Saffron Sweet Rice by Jolly M
  13. Kala Chana Sundal by Amrita 


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