How to Make and Store Mango Pulp?

With monsoons almost here ..  Its time to bid goodbye to everyone’s favorite fruit, Mangoes.

By following few simple steps below, you can ensure you enjoy the mangoes for a little while longer. The pulp comes handy to make jelly for cheesecakes, ice creams or your simple aamras.

This year I am freezing the fruit pulp to ensure that my husband who is away on a long trip, once back can enjoy some. After all, there is nothing like pure Alphonso mangoes.

Along with the pulp, you can also freeze some pieces too.

Please read the steps below:-

Mango pulp made with 1/2 dozen Alphonso Mangoes.

Clean & dry the mangoes well with a dry cloth. Peel the skin & cut pieces of the mangoes & put the same in a mixer grinder.


Grind well, ensure no lumps / pieces.


With a clean dry spoon / spatula, empty the contents in a clean & dry ziplock bag.

Ziplock bags are easy to store in freezer & doesn’t take much space unlike containers.


When you wish to use the pulp, remove from freezer, thaw & use

PS – Thawing means ensuring the pulp reaches room temperature about 2-3 hours or more depending upon the quantity.

Caution – Once the pulp is thawed, don’t re-freeze.

Its best to store the pulp in smaller packets.

Vidya Narayan




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  1. Hi there! I froze some mango puree exactly the same way, this season. Lately, though, I notice it’s begun to change colour and get slightly blackish? I have kept it in airtight containers, and not in ziploc bags. Is it safe to consume any more?

    1. Hi! I don’t think its safe to consume them. Black is a sign of fungus. What kind of containers you use ? I used ziplock to avoid plastic containers as I find them slightly risky (my earlier experience of things getting spoilt)

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