Mango Thokku

I am a pickle lover!! I mean who isn’t?

My mom made the best pickles at home so we never really relied on store bought ones. I never made or I can say attempted making a single variety of pickle until I got married.

Thankfully I carefully observed when my Ma made pickles so it was much easier when I got to try it at home. Sadly, I don’t have any of her handwritten recipes of pickles as she one simple rule i.e. no measurements. She eye-balled every ingredient & made finger-licking pickles that never turned bad .. EVER !!

When I first started trying pickles, I tried to measure everything & make it but sadly it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. So, I decided I will do it the way Ma does & then there was no turning back.  But when it came to blogging this recipe, I knew I had to do something … I have literally struggled to document this recipe with exact measurements of the ingredients used. The effort is worth it as I get to share this with u all.

Narayan is a huge pickle lover just like me. While I am happy with the staple raw mangoes cut or tender mango pickle (south style), he likes his lemons, amla, carrot, green chillies too.

This is one thing you will find in unlimited quantities at home – PICKLES! Yes, I have become so fond of making them that I make them for everyone around me. The best compliment that I receive is “your pickles don’t go bad for a whole year”.

Pickles need a lot of love and care so choose your ingredients wisely. Oil being the key ingredient that’s responsible for the pickle to stay good for long should be of a good quality. Always store pickles in glass jars. Before planning to make pickles ensure that you clean your glass jars with hot water to eliminate odours or oil residue.

Mango Thokku is Narayan’s favorite. This is that one pickle that can be paired for all your breakfasts too (not a great idea for calorie conscious). Fingerlicking goodness in every spoon.. One of the best pickles from my repertoire, do give this a try for sure!!

Recipe for Mango Thokku (South Style Raw Mango Pickle)

Ingredients for Approx 2 kgs of totapuri raw mangoes

1. Raw Mango (Totapuri) – 2 kgs or 4 nos. large

2. Salt – 1.5 tblsps (use rock salt)

3. Red chilly powder – 2 – 3 tblsps

4. Jaggery – 1 or 2 tsp

5. Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp

6. Hing – one big pinch

7. Methi or fenugreek seeds – 1 tsp (dry roasted and coarsely ground)

8. Oil – 8 to 10 tblsps (Use til / sesame oil to get the perfect flavor)

Method –

1. Wash, dry and peel the mangoes and then grate it.


2. In a thick bottom kadhai, add the oil, let it heat well then add hing and the mustard seeds and let it splutter.

3. Add the grated raw mangoes and stir well. At this stage, you will feel that the oil has been completely absorbed and won’t be enough but don’t add any additional oil. It will eventually float on top once it starts cooking. Ensure medium heat on stove top/ gas.

4. After cooking on low to medium heat for almost 10 mins, add the salt and red chilly powder, jiggery & Stir well.

5. You will see the oil bubbling at the edges (about 8 mins after adding chilly powder). Keep stirring the mixture in between. Once you see the oil floating on the top of the pickle, Switch off the gas and add the roasted and ground methi seeds powder.

6. Cool it completely. Then transfer in a clean and dry glass jar. Keep it refrigerated. Stays well for over a month or so.

Notes –

1. If you feel the pickle is becoming dry and the oil has reduced. Heat some til oil (say 1 or 2 tblsp), cool it completely and then pour over the pickle, mix well and refrigerate.

2. Oil on the top ensures the pickle stays for long and fresh. I doubt it stays long as it pairs well with all meals.

3. Jaggery is added to cut the very sour taste of raw mangoes.

4. Avoid storing pickles in Plastic bottles. Glass Jars are the best.

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